Winners of Best Travel Product (For Children Practical) | Junior Design Awards 2023


Best Travel Product (For Children Practical): GOLD

WHO: Bubba Board


WHAT: Bubba Board Seat Extender

WHY: This lightweight, strong and durable 'board' is essentially a seat extender that lets kids sit and lay down comfortably when travelling on planes and trains - and it is a family travelling lifesaver! Easy to set up and put away, easy to clean and most of all safe (it can be moved out of the way quickly in the event of an emergency).

Anything to eliminate worry and stress from family travel - this may well become as essential as your passport! I was pleased it was so light - making it easy enough to get from A to B with everyone intact!
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
Can be carried on your shoulder, back of the buggy, or in with your carry-on luggage. It goes right under the seat or into the overhead, leaving plenty of space for your other belongings - and all those other kids travel 'essentials'
Eleonore Crompton, Deputy Editor of Junior

WHERE: The Bubba Board


Best Travel Product (For Children Practical): SILVER


WHAT: VOKSI Adventure

WHY: Ideal for families who like to explore nature and spend time outside all year round. This brand new footmuff is one of a kind due to its design innovations, prioritising warmth whilst allowing little ones (0-3yrs) the flexibility of having their hands free to play with toys or easily snack! This down filled footmuff has a unique box construction that prevents the cold from getting in - even though it's thinner than ever.

The unique design of the back opening makes it compatible with all different harnesses, and making it perfect for prams. Love that the footmuff has a two-way zip, making it easy to check the child's feet are warm on cold days and can open to provide ventilation on hotter days.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
Such a stylish and clever product - and comes with a compression bag so it can be made small - perfect for travelling.
Eleonore Crompton, Deputy Editor of Junior



Best Travel Product (For Children Practical): BRONZE

WHO: Splash About

WHAT: Splash About Happy Nappy Sunsuit

WHY: The Happy Nappy Sunsuit is a baby travel essential providing protection in and out of water - meaning no need for endless bulky disposable swim nappies when packing. The judges commented on the lightweight, stretchy Nylon Lycra body with an easy dressing back zip. Offering UPF50+ sun protection it was a packing no-brainer for those with young children.

Splash About is such a trusted brand for children’s swimwear offering practical solutions for getting kids in the water at home or abroad!
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
I wish my kids had used these swimsuits when they were younger! Really like this product. Such lovely prints too.
Zoey Goto, Travel writer and author, @zoeygotowriter

WHERE: Splash About