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Films for summer 2012: The Dinosaur Project

There's thrills, spills and high adventure in this exciting prehistoric drama – perfect for din0 mad kids!

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IMAGINE IF DINOSAURS existed? Right here, right now? That's the premise of this fast-paced mockumentary movie that follows a crew of documentary makers, as they venture deep into the Congo in search of a mythical creature. Amid tales of mysterious sightings, savage attacks and unexplained disappearances, the locals refer to the creature as their Abominable Snowman or Loch Ness Monster. But is there any truth in the rumours?

It all starts amiably enough as the crew set off by helicoptor – with the lead explorer's recently expelled teenage son as a hidden stowaway in tow – until they are suddenly attacked mid-air by flying predators. With their guide too petrified to continue with them, the crew are left to continue on their own, with their cameras documenting every step of the way, as their adventure becomes more and more precarious…

There's plenty of suspense in this stunning live action adventure thriller, as well as a touching expose of the father-son relationship, and some skullduggery goings-on with a fame-seeking cameraman who's in it for the personal fame and glory, rather than a genuine interest in prehistoric critters. Shot using a mix of camera effects, including phone cameras, with lots of jerky, panicky movements that will set your heart pulsing, and make you grateful that dinosaurs are extinct, after all… Or are they?

This is a great family movie for children who enjoy hide-behind-the-sofa dramas that feature scary monsters like Dr Who and Primeval, but it's not really one for the faint-hearted.

The Dinosaur Project (cert 12A, running time 82 mins) is at Empire Cinemas in London from August 10.

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