On the 60th anniversary of the much-adored comic book series, Asterix and Obelix embark on a quest across Gaul looking for a young druid worthy of learning the secret of the magic potion – a formula which has long helped to keep the Gaulish village safe against Julius Cesar and his invading army. However, once Asterix and Obelix begin their quest, all hell breaks loose at home as the Romans start attacking the village and an evil wizard named Sulfurix does everything he can to steal the potion's secret recipe.


Here's Juniors' 5 reasons to watch Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion

It's an original story

The first Asterix film The Mansions of the Gods was co-written and directed by Alexandre Astier and Louis Clichy, and an adaptation based on the original beloved books by René Goscinny and illustrations by Albert Oderzo, it was also one of the biggest hits in French cinemas in 2014 with almost 3 million tickets sold. This new movie is an original story by the same duo, who stated "We thought an original story would be refused but they (the writers) actually loved the idea. We needed to pitch an idea that was following the principals of Asterix even though the theme of the movie had never been touched on in the books. We needed to reassure them that we wouldn’t misrepresent Asterix’s essence."

It introduces us to a new character

Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion introduces us to a new villain, Demonix. A great villain is always good in a movie and, Demonix is a real danger. He is extremely clever and improvises a lot. He is a classic villain, he lives with a childhood trauma, rancour and frustration, he is not loved like lots of villains, but he lacks affection. He used to have a good relationship with Panoramix and ended up hating him when he succeeded and invented the magic potion. He is also a little bit crazy.
You will see a new (old) side to Asterix
Asterix has become somewhat of a icon, a French comic strip character that is known and loved and there is always a fear of misrepresenting them when they are shown in another format. So, it can be a challenge with 'heroes' when they are represented in movies and, of course in a new story than fans don't know. In the original comic books Asterix started as quite mischievous and a little sarcastic but then he became very nice, smooth and polite. But, in The Secret of the Magic Potion he's a little more 'real' he has arguments with Obelix, about real problems and not just arguments to make people laugh. In the film, he gets little out of his comfort zone and you will see a more refreshed side to him.

It's funny and great for a younger audience

Chockfull of gags, one-liners, music cues (including a montage to 1980s hit “You Spin Me Round”) and pop-culture references Magic Potion is much more of a cartoonish, kid-friendly affair that will appeal to new fans - as well as the die-hard fans. The action and laughs are non-stop and it's a lively 85-minutes of watchable CGI animation.

You don't need to be a fan to enjoy it

The animation style is gorgeous, the colours are so vivid and you'll find yourself going along with it either if you aren't enterally sure what is going on! And, for non-Asterix fans - before you ask about the lack of female characters in the movie, this made evident by the fact that a female can't be a druid. Just incase the kids ask.

ASTERIX: THE SECRET OF THE MAGIC POTION is released in cinemas and on Sky Cinema on 30 August.