Who doesn't love the The Worst Witch? The story of an ordinary girl who finds herself in an extraordinary place: a school for witches. Created by acclaimed author and illustrator Jill Murphy and first published in 1974. The story centres on Mildred Hubble (The Worst Witch) who is accident-prone and often leaves a trail of mayhem in her wake, must to the dismay of her fellow pupils. Riding on the success of the new Netflix TV series - and the UK theatre tour which opened to great success last year.


This new story, adapted for the stage from Murphy’s original books by award winning screenwriter Emma Reeves will fly into the West End for 7 weeks only, over the summer holidays.

Here's some reasons to catch it before it disappears in a puff of smoke...

1. The all female cast and female lead story.

It’s rare and empowering to see so many female characters on stage and backstage leading a creative team! From Mildred Hubble to Miss Cackles, with Jill Murphy’s book as the inspiration, Emma Reeves adapting it for stage and Theresa Heskins directing - it’s definitely a production which allows woman to take center stage!

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It’s just as important now as ever to have a play about young women who are learning, collectively and individually, on a stage and accessible to a younger audience. A play where girls are not only using their power but also see the danger it can cause if they decide to use it incorrectly…

2. It inspires young audiences by sparking their imaginations

The magic isn’t just in the story but also in the production, the staging and the lighting! It’s a production, which will enchant and leave you thinking and wanting more. With magic, puppetry and music, it’ll definitely take you on an adventure!

3. Nostalgia

Jill Murphy’s original book was released in 1974, now spanning a few generations. The story is still fresh and being enjoyed by children today. The book series is still just as popular today, with its 2017 TV adaptation appearing on Netflix this year. Whether you were a fan on first release or want a book to enjoy with your child, why not see the magic recreated on stage!

4. The catchy songs!

Entertaining, memorable and in keeping with the story. There are foot-tappers that will have you dancing in your seat, and riffs you’ll have stuck in your head for days (and not be complaining about it!). What’s more, the band is on stage a visible thought out the performance, which really makes a difference to the experience. Far more immersive that having them hidden away in the pit!

5. Something for everyone!

Everyone can find something to love about this show! If you’re a fan of the books, you’ll love to see these wacky characters brought to life in this stage performance. If you love magic, you’ll love the story of this ordinary girl who finds herself in an extraordinary place: a school for witches. This adaptation stays true to the books and TV show, and fans of Mildred Hubble, from young and old, boys and girls will love seeing the magic on stage. You are never to young or to old to fall in love with The Worst Witch



The Worst Witch runs from the 24 JULY – 8 SEPTEMBER for 60 Performances only at The Vaudeville Theatre. Book Now tickets are priced From £20 (all tickets for the 24 July performance are just £20 each) Age Recommendation: Most Suitable for Ages 7+