5 reasons to watch Playmobil: The Movie

For more than 45 years, children around the world have been delighted by Playmobil. And, finally this year they get their own animated movie...

5 reasons to catch Playmobil: The Movie

Playmobil: The Movie is set to be the movie of the summer! Centered on an imaginative young girl named Marla who embarks on an epic journey after her younger brother Charlie disappears into the vast and wondrous animated world of Playmobil. As Marla tries to find her brother in this magical realm, she encounters a memorable cast of Playmobil characters including friendly food truck driver Del, dashing secret agent Rex Dasher – voiced by Daniel Radcliffe, a modern fairy godmother and the power-hungry Emperor Maximus. After being reunited with her brother, her sweeping adventures teach Marla to break free from her structured adult life, reconnect with her childhood dreams and enjoy the endless possibilities of her imagination. Just like Playmobil toys, themselves.

5 reasons to catch Playmobil: The Movie

Here’s 5 great reasons not to miss Playmobil: The Movie…

You will reconnect with the magic of childhood

Playmobil launched in 1974, so a lot of parents will have grown up with the toys, making this movie all-round family entertainment. Playmobil: The Movie will stir up all those emotions, feelings and that carefree spirit you experienced in childhood, as we follow protagonist Marla – who has lost touch with this her childlike dreams. At first she is shown in a live-action world where there is of course no magic but, then finds herself in a very magical situation — getting turned into a toy and ending up in a world of Playmobil, and then the movie really begins.

It sends a postivite message to ALL children

Watching Marla on this journey, children will get a sense that anything is possible. As they follow her through lots of different experiences, they will see why you should never forget – or give up on, your dreams, that you should always trust your own instincts and, ultimately stay optimistic. As Playmobil is not a girl-nor-boy driven toy – and boys and girls are shown playing together in the world of Playmobil – it encourages ALL children to just be themselves.

You will discover ‘genre jumping’ 

What sets this movie apart is that the characters get to travel to different realms and different lands, something the filmmakers called ‘genre jumping’. Where they played with film genres and locations around the world playing homage to classic movies like Indiana Jones, James Bond, Clint Eastwood’s spaghetti westerns, and movies about knights and magical kingdoms, sci-fi and even musicals. This presents characters that feel relevant and appealing to both children and adults. And, of course makes use of all the Playmobil themed sets – many that children will recognise – bringing a level of playfulness to the movie that reminds us all that with a little imagination, anything is possible.

5 reasons to catch Playmobil: The Movie

The Director knows his stuff

The film’s director is Disney veteran Lino DiSalvo (he was Head of Animation on Disney’s Frozen and Supervising Animator on Bolt and Tangled) – and  he has been working on the movie for the last 4 years. He says “Toys like Playmobil are a gateway to your earlier memories. They can be like time machines as they take you back and immediately give that spark. I first got the inspiration for the movie when I visited my childhood home and found some of the toys I used to play with. I recalled how I was so happy just to play with a toy and be lost and create my own narratives.”

The unconditional love of family

Ultimately the movie is about family. It’s about forgiveness and understanding — and, taps into that primal fear of losing a sibling or someone who is very dear to you. It shows how you will do everything in your power to find them or, save them from harm, and even a fractured or seemly imperfect family can find a way to come back ‘home’.

5 reasons to catch Playmobil: The Movie


Playmobil: The Movie opens nationwide on 9th august 2019