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Make great art

Encourage your little artists to get arty

Posted: 1 August 2012
by Kate Donoughue

Be prepared for mess If this bothers you, find a place you can go (unfurl a roll of paper in the back garden, or check out weekend family sessions at a nearby gallery).
Use washable poster paints but remember that dark colours will still stain, so invest in a long-sleeved, full-length apron for your child. You can buy these from as little as £3.95 from places like
Try charcoal, chalks and pencils but try to avoid felt pens until your child is at least two as finger-painting doesn’t translate well when a toddler tries to do it with green pen.
Recycle Think about the potential in your food packaging before consigning it to the bin. Sit down with your child and join in as she will learn how to cut and stick more quickly by example rather than trial and error.
Celebrate the moment You don’t need to hang every picture up, but pick out a few worthy efforts. Great Little Trading Company ( sells funky, coloured card frames (£14.99 for 16 frames of varied size), and Tridias ( sells smart portfolio cases (£9.99) for the ones you want to keep. 
Playdough not plasticine It’s less mucky, smells better and is easier for small hands to manipulate. Fimo is a smoother version for children 6+, or you can go organic, with Play Mais (3+). You can make your own with flour, salt, water and a little oil. When your child is over three, you could try air-drying modelling clay, though models will shape better if you use pipe cleaners as a frame to build on.

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