How to make a cool CD Spinner for children

In one of a trio of extracts from the family craft book "Now Make This" learn how to make a colourful CD Spinner for kids

Now Make This: Craft project CD Spinner

Did you know that before the Cloud came along, people stored their digital photos, films and music on CDs and DVDs? Today this technology is out of date, but there are still plenty of silver-coloured plastic discs lying around, and most of them are just crying out to be recycled into something new! Ask your parents to rummage around and find you a few spare or blank CDs. With a long screw, washers and a wing nut, you can transform them into sturdy spinning tops. Before you assemble them, decorate some CD labels with colourful, geometric patterns and stick them on the CDs so you can watch the colours and patterns blur together as they spin!


CD SPINNER By Sebastian Bergne {From Now Make This by Thomas Barnthaler}


  • Old or blank CDs or DVDs
  • Coloured pencils or felt-tip pens
  • White CD labels that you can draw on
  • Washers in a variety of sizes
  • Threaded roundhead screws (approx.5–7 cm long) with nuts and wing nuts to fit
CD Spinner sketches

1. Decorate the CD labels with patterns or designs using coloured pencils or felt-tip pens. Stick the labels onto the CDs.

2. To assemble a spinning top, thread items onto a screw in this order: a nut, 1–3

washers (smallest first), a CD, with its colourful side facing up, 1–3 washers (largest first), and a wing nut. Make sure that the screw and the washers are centred and straight before you tighten everything up with the wing nut.


3. Place the spinner with the head of the screw on a flat surface, hold the wing nut between your fingers and spin away!

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