Have you noticed how much plastic we use everyday? So many of the products we buy come in plastic containers and our kitchens are full of plastic bottles, whether they’re for washing-up liquid, cleaning detergent, water or milk. You can recycle most bottles, but you can also use a few of them to make this plastic pal – your little bottle buddy. And because there are all kinds of plastic bottles to choose from, your plastic pals will never look completely alike. Why not make one as a mascot for your sports club or band, or use one as a scarecrow in your garden?


>> PLASTIC PAL By Stephen Burks {From Now Make This by Thomas Barnthaler}


  • 5 small plastic water bottles (empty)
  • Scissors
  • 2 larger plastic bottles (detergent or household cleaner bottles – empty)
  • 6 wooden dowels
  • 1 cable tie
  • Glue
  • A drill and drill bit (the same diameter as the dowels)
  • 2 spare bottle caps
Now Make This: Craft project Plastic Pal

1. Glue the two spare plastic bottle caps onto the top of the larger bottle you wish to use as the head: these are the eyes.

2. Ask an adult to help you with the drilling. Drill a hole into the centre of this bottle where you would like it to join to the body.

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3. Drill another hole into the centre of the cap of the other large bottle, which you will use for the body. Push a wooden dowel halfway into that hole, and then attach the head to the body by pushing its hole onto the dowel.

4. Drill holes into the bottoms of two smaller bottles for the arms, and drill holes into the body where you want the arms to be. Attach with dowels, as in step 3.


5. Drill holes into the caps of three smaller bottles for the legs and insert three dowels. Tie the bottles together at the top with a cable tie so that they form a stable standing pyramid. Put on the caps with the dowels. Mark where the 3 dowels of the pyramid will sit on the bottom of the body and drill 3 holes to the body, then attach the legs. Well hello there!

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Now Make This: Craft project Plastic Pal