Make some crafty Critter Shoes for children

In one of a trio of extracts from the family craft book 'Now Make This' learn how to make some cute Critter Shoes for kids


Do you have a favourite pair of shoes that are super comfortable but are looking a bit worn and scruffy? You can bring any old shoes back to life (or transform any ordinary lace-ups) by adding a few simple pieces of leather and making these fabulous Critters: friendly creatures with floppy ears, that snuggle up on your feet and stick their tongues out at the world.


CRITTER SHOES By Rodrigo Almeida {From Now Make This by Thomas Barnthaler}


  • Scissors
  • A pencil
  • At least 2 pieces of thin leather (more for multi-coloured Critters, approx. 20 x 25 cm)
  • A pair of lace up shoes
  • A hole punch

Now Make This: Craft project Critter Shoes
1. Print and trace the shapes from the templates on page 118 onto your leather pieces, adapting the size of the shapes according to your shoe size. (Make sure they’re the same size for both shoes.)

2. Cut out all the shapes with scissors and open the holes with the hole punch

3. Pull out the laces from one of your shoes. Run the lace through the holes of the tongue, and then lace up the first holes in your shoe. Proceed with lacing your shoe as normal to the top. Place the Critter’s face on top of the shoe and run the laces through the holes in its face and then ears. Now do the same with the other shoe.


4. Pull the laces tight so that your shoes fit comfortably, and then fix the leather pieces in place with a knot. If there is any extra lace left, you can cut it off or simply tuck it back inside your shoes.

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