How to encourage your child’s own creativity

Bring out their inner playtime monster

How to encourage your child's own creativity
  1. Dress up
    Create a dress-up box. A doctor, a dragon or Darth Vader… pretending to be something or someone else will let your child’s imagination run riot.
  2. Stimulate senses
    Your child will love exploring different textures and scents. Gather leaves, petals and stones from the garden and encourage your child to touch and smell them. Encourage her to do it again, this time with her eyes closed.
  3. Play along
    Help your child to view familiar things in a new and different light. What old rug? Didn’t you know it’s a magic carpet!
  4. Hands off
    Try not to guide your child’s play. Research shows children learn more when they are allowed to lead the play experience
  5. Tell tales Reading and telling stories to your child isn’t just about building literacy skills, it’s also a great way to boost creativity.