Cool and Creative Free Printable Downloads for kids

Take a look at our round-up of the most stylish free digital downloads from some of our favourite children's brands to colour, craft and create

Creative Free Downloads for kids

If your social feeds have been filling up with schedules and links to homeschooling, educational projects and ways to keep the children’s minds occupied during lockdown – and, if frankly it’s all starting to feel a little overwhelming. Then take a breather. And, let us help.


Yes, of course home schooling is very important during this time –  we have some great tips and useful online resources here – but, we believe free play and creative time is just as important. Colouring, crafting and creating is great for everyones mental wellbeing, which is especially important as we face this pandemic. Besides providing an opportunity to practice pencil grip, hone those fine motor muscles and improve concentration, being creative can:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety – as colouring and painting has the ability to relax the fear centre of the brain – the amygdala – which induces an almost meditated state which in turn reduces the thoughts of a restless mind and body.
  • Help aid sleep –  colouring, making and crafting is a relaxing and electronic-free bedtime ritual that won’t disturb those melatonin levels.
  • Gives them focus – as colouring and drawing requires concentration but, not so much that it’s stressful for them; By opening up the frontal lobe, which controls organising and problem solving, it allows them to put everything else aside and live in the moment.

So, we’ve rounded up the most creative, coolest and of course, stylish digital downloads and activities from some of our favourite children’s fashion, lifestyle and toys brands to colour, craft and create during this period of staying home – and whats more they are all FREE! Many of them are in a PDF format so they can be printed off at home or, coloured in digitally using a computer or tablet. Enjoy.

Best Free Digital Downloads for TODDLERS

Melissa & Doug One of our favourite toy brands that encourages creativity and the #powerofplay have a heap of free printables from learning the alphabet to activity sheets to Easter crafts and printable ideas for Father’s Day gifts.

> > Get Melissa & Doug free digital downloads here  

Done by Deer The Danish interiors and lifestyle brand have taken its iconic, graphic giraffe and elephant designs and created some sweet prints for little ones to colour that would also make great art galleries afterwards.

>> Get Done by Deer free digital downloads here

Best Free Digital Downloads for PRE-SCHOOLERS

Folk + Nest – The Irish card, stationery and print company ran by Emma and Sam – who already successfully own Junior Design Award winning children’s fashion brands Goose & Gander and Farmyard The Label respectively – have produced possibly the cutest colouring book, that we may just have to colour ourselves.

>> Get the Folk + Nest free digital colouring book here

Squidgearoo – Original and colourful prints that are all designed and hand-painted by owner Michelle. Her free printable’s are bold, educational and fun.

>> Get Squidgearoos’ free digital downloads here

Belle & Boo – Fans of little Belle and her bunny Boo will delight at the free colouring sheets, cut-out paper doll and crafts that can be downloaded whilst the online shop is closed – as there’s still so much fun to be had.

>> Get the Belle & Boo Activity sheets and Belle paper doll here

Bloom and Blossom – We know your little ones love the Rolad Dahl range as much as us – so, why not let them design and name their own? As these fun packaging downloads can be coloured and then slid over their own products/tubes for the full effect. They have also included the activities – usually available on the inside of the Pillow Spray boxes  – to colour and 3D build. Perfect for a game of beauty salons or shops.

>> Get the Bloom and Blossom free downloads here

Best Free Digital Downloads for KIDS AGED 5+

Maptote – These Stay Home and We’re In This Together coloring pages from the cool US brand Maptote will be colourful little reminders of how we can best practice social distancing and come together as a community. Or, a great way to send some love to a far away family, friends or loved ones with the cute greeting card template.

>> Get the Maptote free colouring pages and greeting card here

Mutha.Hood – If you don’t know Gemma and her ‘Strong Girls Club’ message – then where have you been hiding? With the main aim of empowering women and girls through positive, strong and meaningful products her printable’s echo the ethos and encourage girls (and boys) to colour and create their own heroes.

>> Get the Mutha.Hood free digital downloads here

Suzy Ultman – Illustrator, toy maker and all round crafty lady Suzy has designed some cool colouring sheets, DIY dioramas and pop-out cards to keep kids busy for hours. Note: Some cutting and gluing involved.

>> Get Suzy Ultmans’ free activities here 

Mer Mag – Merrilee Liddiard, owner of Mer Mag shop and author of PLAYFUL has created this decorate your own face printable. With both a girl and boy in different skin tones – kids can go wild with fabric, yarn, buttons, pasta shapes in what whatever they can find to make an individual face portrait.

>> Get the Mer Mag Decorate your own face free download here 

Best Free Digital Downloads for BUDDING ARTISTS

Stella McCartney – You hopefully have been part of the Rainbow window art pictures as a sign-of-hope, that has swept through the world in this troubling time. Now, why not join the #StellaCommUnity and add in these gorgeous artworks inspired by the children of Italy with these ‘Tutto Andrà Bene’ – meaning ‘Everything Will Be OK colouring pages?

>> Get the Stella McCartney colouring pages for free here

Eleanor Bowmer – Eleonors’ distinctive cool illustrations and textile designs grace interiors, stationery and fabrics – and, she is famed for her bright use of leopard print. In this free colouring pack her designs also support the strong Covid-19 messages to children in an accessible way.

>> Get the Eleanor Bowmer free colouring pack here

Amber Textiles – Illustrator Amber Davenport shares here love of animals, nature and botanical gardens with these gorgeous packs that are perfect for children and adults – as there is a few variations of each design with a simplified one for smaller children.

>> Get Amber Textiles free colouring packs here

Gemma Correll – Gemma is a cartoonist, writer, and illustrator. She is the author of A Pug’s Guide to Etiquette – and, if you’re aren’t following her funny comic picts on instagram – you need to pronto! Via Badge Bomb you can download Gemma’s colouring sheets, her Coronavirus reward sticker sheet design to colour at home (and turn in stickers or badges yourself), as well as downloading other Badge Bomb designers activity sheets.

> > Get the Gemma Correll free colouring sheets here

Best Free Digital Downloads for FASHIONISTAS

Of Unusual Kind – A celebration of paper craft inspired by the cherished tradition of paper dolls yet, with modern twist. The dolls help inspire imaginative play and make-believe offering a creative respite from technology. Download ‘Janelle’ and get ready to strike a pose. Note: comes with instructions on how to put the doll together. Cutting, gluing and threading involved.

>> Get Of Unusual Kinds’ free printable paper doll here

Misha & Puff –  Known for its cool knitted designs M&P is one of our favourite brands and we just love these paper dolls designed by Nestnotes. The beautifully colour-painted (or, blank to colour in themselves) clothing means any wannabe fashion designers or mini stylists can dress the dolls and make up their own little fashion collection or show.

>> Get the Misha & Puff free paper dolls here

Severina Kids – The Portuguese Eco and handcrafted toy brand have produced this beautiful Paper Doll Project featuring a boy and girl doll with an array of fashions to colour and design. Note: The Paper Dolls Project is listed as £8.85 or, offered free if you subscribe to the newsletter. 

>> Get the Severina Kids Paper Dills Project here


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