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Rock 'n' roll for the young generation

Music for children gets a heavy injection of cool

Rockabye Baby!
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From porcine pop-botherers Pinky And Perky to helium-toned gnomes The Smurfs, children’s music has historically had the ability to induce most parents to resort to earplugs. A fondness for repetition and catchy melodies may limit your child’s musical preferences to the cheesier end of the charts, but the industry does appear to have noticed the dearth of aural entertainment that appeals to young and old listeners alike.  

After breathless endorsement from Victoria Beckham (“David has been downloading music for our baby! Rockabye Baby lullaby renditions, so cool!”), the US music brand has launched its first British offering – rather appropriately soothing musical versions of Britpop lads-turned-daddies and indie favourites, Blur (£11.99).

Folk music, with its gentle harmonies and storytelling structure, has always been a great leveller of the generations, too – hipster duo Megson’s recently released album of traditional ditties was inspired by the birth of their daughter, Lola. 

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with skipping straight to the authentic stuff – Motown, The Beatles and Elvis all have eminently catchy hooks and the cool factor, or kickstart your child’s musical education by taking him along to one of this summer’s glut of fabulous family-friendly festivals. 


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