Pets aren't just for Christmas (or lockdown)...

Did you buy a family pet over lockdown? It's believed that over 3 million households did. So if you have discovered the joy of having a little furry companion around the house, you might be thinking about what to get them for Christmas or even their first birthday.


The nation’s obsession with its furry friends doesn’t stop at elaborate Christmas or birthday gifts either, many pets now have their own social media accounts where you'll find more pictures of them than the humans in their lives and we know no expense is spared when it comes to buying little luxuries for your 'best friend'. A recent survey of British pet owners found that:

  • 16% of pets receive gifts from their friends and family at Christmas.
  • 1 in 5 UK pet owners shower their pets with birthday gifts - spending more than £26
  • 15% admit to singing happy birthday to their furry friends
  • 1 in 10 pet parents receive a Mother’s or Father’s day gift from their furry family members
  • London pet owners are the most lavish when buying pet gifts – spending more than £60 each year on each pet

It's very clear that animals are considered very much part of the family so we've rounded up some luxury treats that your little furry friends will love.

Gifts for Pets: Stylish and Luxury treats for dogs and cats

Coastal Pet Collar, from £10 Joules


Got the baby bag - tick. Got the baby carrier - tick. Why not match up all the babies in your life with these specially designed Tiba + Marl dog coats. Chose from signature leopard or camouflage prints. These lightweight and water-proof coats suit smaller dogs like French Bulldogs and Italian Greyhounds). >> Leopard Dog Coat, £36, Tiba + Marl (and dog image above)

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cat bowl alessi

Designed by Miriam Mirri this is the cutest cat bowl we have ever seen. Crafted from thermoplastic resin and stainless steel, it's shaped with smooth, streamlined edges and finished with a playful feline figure to entertain your cat (and you!) >>ALESSI Tigrito thermoplastic resin and stainless steel cat bowl £68, Selfridges

dog collar

We love this eye-catching dog collar charm from one of our favourite accessories brands. Check out the dog neckerchiefs too. >>How Fetching Dog Charm, £8 STYCH


Formulated with Chamomile Flower Extract and Glycerin, this freshly-scented no-rinse dog grooming spray helps refresh, deodorise and spot clean pups on the go. >> Cuddly-Coat Cleansing Spritz, £15, Kiehls

dog coat

You'll want to take that walk in the rain when your pup looks this stylish! Inspired by simple and unique Scandinavian design (of course) this is one cool coat. >> Talon Raincost $75 MaxBone

Prada dog lead

The pooch wears Prada! Part of the Italian label's pet collection, this lead (with a signature logo accompanying zipped pouch for poop bags, no less) borrows it style cue from the now-iconic Vela bag and is stitched together with nylon. Exclusive to Selfridges there is also a matching backpack for you and your pup (naturally!). >> PRADA Brand-plaque nylon dog lead and pouch £480, Selfridges

cat cracker

Just the treat to make even the fussiest feline purr with delight. This cracker doesn't go bang, but it does contain a paper crown and felt toy. Miaow! >> The Cat's Christmas Cracker, £15, Fortnum & Mason

dog poop bag
Have you ever seen a more sleek bag carrier for those essential 'poop bags'? This easy twist top one from US brand Wild One has an elastic band that attaches easily to any lead. It arrives loaded with a roll of 10 biodegradable, leak-proof and unscented eco bags too. >> Wild One Poop Carrier Bag, £15, Selfridges
pet carrier
Founded by Lily Shahravesh, LISH London crafts pieces for the discerning dog owner and their perfectly groomed pooches. These handcrafted Harris Tweed pet carriers are showerproof, wind-proof and stain-resistant should your next trip turn wet, cold and muddy. Fitted with adjustable and detachable straps (which are easy to replace if curious pups get hold of them), it's also equipped with D-rings to attach treats, poop bags, or your keys. >> Dora medium tweed and leather pet carrier, from £215, Lish
dog wash
Pamper your pooch with this gentle shampoo that thoroughly cleanses and deodorises fur while caring for their delicate skin. A cocktail of lemon rind, antibacterial tea tree and invigorating spearmint, the generous lather eliminates grime and refreshes mucky pets. >>AESOP ANIMAL BODY WASH £27 for 500ml, CultBeauty

Made of Orthopaedic memory foam and soft, breathable cotton, this floor cushion is perfect for a (cat) nap. Machine washable to keep it smelling fresh. >> Memory Foam Pillow Bed London People in Powder Blue, £85 Cath Kidston

dog bowl

The creme-de-la-creme of dog bowls. These stylish stainless steel, non-slip rubber based bowls ensure a satisfying mealtime for all - in two colours, Vert Chameau and Gris Ardoise. Dishwasher safe. >> Large Dog Bowl, £30, Le Chameau

barbour washbag

A classic woven tartan wipe clean wash bag and a quick dry microfibre dog towel. Perfect for storing away your favourite dog products or for family trips. >> Dog Wash Bag, £39.95, Barbour

cat bed

Made from plush velvet and inspired by Joules' very own Windsor sofa (complete with its traditional tufting detailing), this small dog or cat bed is fit for any four-legged king or queen. >> Small Velvet Pet Bed, £40, Joules


The most beautiful dog house! This set includes the naturally non-toxic anti-fungal, antiseptic and antibacterial Digby dog wash (infused with lavender and mandarin essential oils) and two bedtime calming dog biscuits for the perfect bedtime routine. >> Digby Dog House, £12.50, Bramley

tartan balnket co

These luxury recycled wool pet blankets are ’pawfect’ for cats, dogs and all your other furry friends, Why? Well, because wool is naturally odour resistant, moisture wicking, temperature regulating, and hypoallergenic. Specially designed from recycled wool and available in a range of patterns. >> Recycled Wool Pet Blanket in Stewart Muted Blue Tartan, £25, The Tartan Blanket Co.

dog biscuits

These snack size biscuits are decorated with festive icing so your dog can join in with treats around the tree this year. >> Christmas Tree Biscuit Dog Treats, £10, Pets at Home


Ensure they get their five-a-day with this veggie box filled with rope and squeaky toys. >> Veggie Box Soft Toy Set, £20, Sophie Allport


A five-star hotel for pets. This stylish pet house can be used as a discreet cat loo or a safe, cosy bed for your cat or small breed dog - just add bedding! >> Cat Washroom & Rosewood Litter Tray, £59.99, Lords & Labradors

dog bed

The exclusive Wainwright's collection of toys, accessories and soft furnishings at Pets at Home are designed in Cheshire and offer beautiful materials, textures and details that pampered pets deserve. This luxurious super soft plush pet bed features a foam crumb cushion that's perfect for your pet to catch their zzzz's. >> Wainwright's Scallop Pet Bed in Green from £40, Pets at Home

festive wreath for dogs ocado
Gently oven baked to perfection, these paw biscuits are made with tasty turkey, wholesome oats and barley. The perfect festive treat to keep tails wagging right into Boxing Day. >> Laughing Dog Festive Wreath for Dogs, £4.99 Ocado
dog collar bow
Add that extra level of dapper style to your dog this Christmas with this red velvet bow tie. The perfect collar topper. >> Velvet Dog Bow Tie, £5, Pets at Home

This is quite possibly the best selection of solid dog ID tags have ever seen. Made from silver plated brass - there is a quote to suit you pup and you! >> Dog Tags, from £10.95, Sweet William

dog tie

Country kitchen Dinner! Get them dressed for dinner with these woven herringbone ties. Made in soft velvet they easily slide onto an existing collar. >> Wainwright's Country Luxe Dog Collar Bow Tie and Tie Pack, £6, Pets at Home

dog gloves

These premium moisture-wicking Bamboo drying mitts are the perfect solution to wet, muddy paws and legs - with a luxuriously soft, silky texture it will be more like a pet spa that a quick rub-down. >> Bamboo Drying Mitts, £27.50, Nash Dog


Dog having trouble winding down? Then this spritz scented with organic British lavender essential oil, renowned for reducing tension, anxiety and stress, is perfect for relaxing your four legged friend at bedtime. Spray on bedding too for maximum benefit. >> Organic Sleepy Dog Spritz, £14, Sweet William


Fetch! They will when it's this hand-drawn printed fabric bone! Plush Dog Bone Soft Toy, £7, Joules


(* The survey of 1,012 British pet owners carried out by One4all Gift Cards)