Five top tips for hosting a family bonfire night party

Make sure your Firework party goes off with a bang this year with these top five hosting tips, from Rebecca at the UK's leading party company, Party Pieces

Five top tips for hosting a family bonfire night party

Safety First


Remember, remember – safety is the first most important aspect to hosting a bonfire party. Plan ahead where you will build your bonfire, keeping it a safe distance from any trees, fences or buildings. Make sure you plan where your spectators will be and make it as clear as possible with tape or rope. Once you have the safety side locked down you’ll feel much more relaxed and ready to party.

Easy Food

Party food that only requires one hand is always the best for outdoor events like this. It means guests can hold a warming drink like hot chocolate or mulled wine in the other hand! Opt for handheld snacks like burgers and hotdogs; they’re so popular and can be placed on food trays making them much easier to eat!

Keep the kids entertained

Not all children will want to watch the fireworks closely; they’re very noisy and can be frightening for younger guests. Set up an area a fair distance from the fireworks where children can play together, perhaps you could set up craft activities where they can create pictures of their very own fireworks. Glow sticks, glowing balloons and bracelets are also very popular with children on bonfire night; they make it easy for you to keep an eye on them in the dark too. Small sparklers are a great introduction to fireworks.

Everyone Chip In

Fireworks aren’t cheap and if they are they’re probably not the best… instead of spending a fortune on rockets and candles ask your guests to bring one firework per family. It’s always such fun trying to work out which firework is yours when it comes to the big display.

Set a Theme


Set an exciting theme for you bonfire party to make it remembered for years to come. I love the idea of a funfair themed bonfire party with quirky stands for your tasty treats and funfair games.