Five ways to teach children manners

Quick tips for raising perfectly polite progeny

Five Ways To Teach Children Manners

1 Set age-appropriate rules
A two-year-old may not yet be able to chew with her mouth closed, but a four-year-old certainly should.


2 Set an example
You can’t expect politeness if you are not polite yourself, so keep saying “please” and “thank you”.

3 Explain why good manners matter
Talk to her about why others respond better if you are polite and show respect.

4 Give clear instructions
Before your child’s birthday party, explain that she must not shout something like, “I’ve already got this doll!” when she opens her presents. Tell her to smile, say thank you, and then you can return the toy later.


5 Praise good manners
Praise her when she is polite and if you need to correct a slip in her manners, try to do so in private.