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Spineless Classics Q&A with Carl Pappenheim - Best interiors collection 2014 - HIGHLY COMMENDED

We meet the director behind the 2014 Junior Design Award highly commended entry

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What is your name and job title?

Carl Pappenheim, Director at Spineless Classics

Can you tell us a little about the interiors collection you have entered into the awards, and why you think it is award winning?

People who love books like to have them around and Spineless Classics are just about the most original way to display the works you love in your home.  In the age of the e-reader it's all too easy not to show off your favourite author at all but when the entire text of the novel is presented in the shape of a scene or character from the story, conversation and inspiration are rarely far away.

How do you distinguish your collection among the plethora of interiors collections available?

Having created the niche of complete text prints, it hasn't been hard to be perceived as innovators.  Our increasing list of licensed texts means that we can offer the true classics that even our most sincere imitators cannot touch.  We're driven by the demands of our fans and we are constantly looking for the next step in, as you say, an aggressively progressive industry.

What do you think are the hallmarks of outstanding design in the wonderful world of interiors?

We need houses.  We appreciate practical spaces.  But we fall in love with beautiful homes.  I think people only notice bad practical design or function; no matter how clever a coffee machine is it will become invisible in time.  However truly beautiful pieces will be enjoyed indefinitely; you will see something different in it almost every day.

How do you balance practicality with beautiful design?

Art prints are of little practical use, unless you're covering up damage before your parents come home, but the delivery and framing process would be awful if we hadn't streamlined it.  The sizes we choose for our prints are standard frame sizes, while also being just below the upper limit for postal delivery.  It's a small thing but it would be much less convenient if we got it wrong.

Where do you source your inspiration?

Books are intrinsically creative and inspiration is never far from the source text.  We're very lucky to be derivative in the most open-ended way.

Why did you enter your product into the Junior Design Awards?

Because we love our young fans and know that their support makes Spineless one of the leading desirable brands in bedroom decoration.

What is the parenting product you wish you had designed?

From talking to my friends & family members who are parents over the years it would have to be lightweight prams!


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