WHO: Little B by Bramley

WHAT: 100% Natural Bath Products for Children

WHY: This delightful looking – we love the illustrations on the packaging - and wonderful smelling range of baby bath time products is rooted firmly in the desire to create skincare that puts baby and planet first. The soothing smells, gentle formulations and thoughtful additions to the range including a sleep spray and a wonderfully gentle but effective Vapour balm, all impressed our judges, who felt that this was a brand that truly understood the needs of eco-conscious parents who want the best for their family.

Just the most gorgeous collection of products that smell divine and look after babies’ skin beautifully. Plus the eco offering is way ahead of the game.
Bonita Turner, Editor JUNIOR
Friendly, folksy packaging that is one step ahead of the competition when it comes to sustainability. Customers can bulk buy products with the 5 litre Starter Packs and refill their cute, recyclable, biopolymer bottles. The Bubble Bath smells good enough to eat. As well as a selection of honest, hard-working wooden tools, there are useful potted balms (including a Vapour Balm that the whole family can dig into) and a refreshing, non-rinse Gentle Cleansing Water for hands and faces.
Charlotte Jolly, Beauty Director of Hello! and Hello! Fashion @mscharliejolly
This range is wonderfully nurturing and eco-conscious. I love the new Vapour Balm which provides a much needed, natural alternative to the usual chemist options.
Eleonore Crompton, Deputy Editor, JUNIOR

WHERE: Little B at Bramley



WHO: Kokoso Baby

WHAT: A premium organic baby range

WHY: Our judges were all drawn to Kokoso’s expansive display of baby skincare and were impressed with the sleek but cute, lilac packaging and the thoughtfully conceived product range. The key ingredient in all Kokoso products, is raw virgin organic coconut oil, which is wonderful for nourishing and supporting the most sensitive and delicate skin. The range also harnesses the power of other natural wonders such as organic aloe vera, shea butter and celery seed extract, making this a range that feels wonderfully holistic and gentle. Our panel loved the delicate creamy formulations, the eco-conscious values behind the brand and the choice of fragrance free or delightfully gentle, lavender scented products.

This is such a sumptuous range of organic products for babies and toddlers. The formulations feel wonderfully nurturing and there is something for every skincare need.
Bonita Turner, Editor JUNIOR
This range does the simple things well - gentle soaps and nourishing lotions. But it also has some imaginative and really intuitive products, like the Baby-Soft Balm Stick - every nappy bag should have one. There’s also the germ-obliterating Protect Surface Disinfectant for wiping down toys and high chairs and the Happy Scalp Cream, which comes highly recommended by parents. At the online checkout, you can select whether you want your purchases to come fragranced or fragrance-free - I love that.
Charlotte Jolly, Beauty Director of Hello! and Hello! Fashion @mscharliejolly
Perfect for newborns and up, these products feel super gentle but with the reassurance that they care for cradle cap and sensitive, dry and eczema prone skin with great success.
Eleonore Crompton,Deputy Editor, JUNIOR

WHERE: Kokoso and Boots


WHO: Good Bubble

WHAT: Good Bubble Baby Bundle

WHY: This skin-loving, planet-friendly bath time range has really upped the ante this year with their new zero plastic Rose Water & Aloe Vera Baby Wash Bar made to last up to three months with a soap-free formulation that is suitable from newborn up. Our panel were really excited by this move into wash bars and felt that the Baby Bundle on offer, including the wash bar, hair and body wash, organic coconut oil and moisturiser contained products that would provide everything you needed to bathe and care for your baby’s skin as well as saving parents some money. All in all, a great starter pack to set you off on a lovely eco-conscious, wonderful smelling, bath-time journey.

This range is a personal favourite of mine and I love the mix of eco-conscious, effective products that smell perfect for little babies and toddlers.
Bonita Turner, Editor of JUNIOR
A truly conscious brand - on the sustainability front and when it comes to skin sensitivity. Good value too. Some parents will be reassured to know that the products are sulphate-free and don’t contain essential oils. The wash bar smells divine - fresh, comforting and incredibly soapy for a soap-free bar. Not only are the bottles made from sugarcane, the pump is 100% recyclable - a feat most brands can’t manage.
Charlotte Jolly, Beauty Director of Hello! and Hello! Fashion @mscharliejolly
Love the branding and the products look great! Excited to try it out.
Charlotte Love, artist, photographer, stylist, @charlottelovely

WHERE: Good Bubble


WHO: Love Ocean Kids

WHAT: Sustainable natural children’s bath range

WHY: This fabulous whale tale shaped bottle really grabbed the panel’s attention who loved the look of this product almost as much as they loved the mission behind it. The judges were impressed to learn that Love Ocean Kids is not only refillable but the refill pouches themselves can be returned to Love Ocean Kids HQ to be re-used. The panel agreed that the no nasties, natural formulation had a lovely fresh smell and that they could see kids being very drawn to this keepsake packaging on a mission to reduce plastic waste.

These bottles are fab. Set to be the iconic bubble bath bottle of this generation and beyond…
Bonita Turner, Editor of JUNIOR
The fun whale fin bottle design is inspired! The products are enriched with coastal, nutrient-dense ingredients - with soothing, skin-strengthening properties - and the subtle marine scent hits just the right spot - comforting and refreshing, without being too earthy. The refill process is wonderfully streamlined, too. A really authentic offering.
Charlotte Jolly, Beauty Director of Hello! and Hello! Fashion @mscharliejolly
Love Ocean Kids takes re-using and recycling to another level in children’s toiletries. Fantastic.
Eleonore Crompton, Deputy Editor, JUNIOR

WHERE: Love Ocean Kids and Boots