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Shnuggle Basket Q&A with Sinead Murphy - Best cot design - WINNER

We meet the business manager behind the 2014 Junior Design Award-winning entry

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What is your name and job title?

Sinead Murphy, I’m Shnuggle’s Business Development Manager.

Can you tell us a little about the cot you have entered into the awards, and why you think it is award winning?

The Shnuggle basket is the world’s first silent Moses basket. It’s a modern, contemporary, cosy sleeping environment for babies; the Shnuggle basket ticks the boxes of parents looking for the best for their little one today. 

As parents ourselves we designed a basket that would make like easier for new parents and their baby. Our first child kept waking up because of the rustling and creaking of her wicker basket. When we looked around for another type of basket that would allow her (and us!) to sleep better, we couldn’t find anything and so the Shnuggle basket was born!

Why do you think it stands out among the plethora of cots available?

The Shnuggle basket is unique: it certainly stands out from the crowd. Rather than the traditional wicker or maize material that traditional Moses baskets are made from, the Shnuggle basket is made from a man-made material. There are lots of benefits to this: it’s hypoallergenic, can be washed all over using warm soapy water, and has special holes for ventilation. It also looks pretty too! The Shnuggle basket is available in a range of colours: ivory, pure white, pebble grey, sage green, sky blue and blossom pink.

What do you think are the hallmarks of outstanding design in the wonderful world of cots?

To us, there are several vital components that make up “outstanding design”. We design all of our products with these at the forefront of our mind. Functionality is so important: there’s no point in designing a beautiful piece of equipment if it doesn’t do what it promises! The appearance of baby products is also key to outstanding design: you want your little one to be in an environment that is just as fresh and attractive as them. We believe strongly in innovative products: we strive to create baby products that do something different, whether this is solving a problem, or simply making life easier for parent and baby.    

What do you think guarantees a good night’s sleep for a baby?  

In our experience, babies need four things: love, food, warmth and security. A baby that is well fed, has had lots of quality time with mum or dad, and is feeling cosy and happy should sleep well. Of course, that’s in an ideal world, and as all parents know, babies have very definite ideas of their own! Some babies are troubled with reflux or other digestive issues. Others experience teething pains from a very young age. Some babies just wake up and we can’t work out why. It’s our job as parents to provide the best possible space for them, and help them get over these little hurdles. The golden rule is that everything changes quickly for babies: the sleepless stage will soon pass.

Have you got any top tips for good quality sleep?

We have used the Shnuggle basket with our two older children, and found that they slept really well as newborns. So tip number one is to buy a Shnuggle basket! In our experience, a bath before bedtime can be really helpful.  The water is so calming, it can help babies transition from the buzz of family life during the day, to a relaxed night time state. We tried to get our children accustomed to the noise of a household from very early on; that way, we didn’t have to creep round during the day, as they were used to the hoover, the TV and the chatter of other children!

Why did you enter your product into the Junior Design Awards?

The Junior Design Awards would be the jewel in our crown! It’s a sign of quality that would really show off to parents the attention to detail that is devoted to all Shnuggle products.

What is the parenting product you wish you had designed?

That’s an interesting question! I love the Bumbo. It was the first of its kind, a truly innovative product that revolutionised how we interact with babies. Rather than having to carry your baby around all the time, it provided a safe space that allowed them to feel part of the other activities that might be going on around them.


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