The facts surrounding mainstream, disposable nappies are alarming. Each nappy takes up to 500 years to decompose, producing methane gas and leaching chemicals into the soil as it very slowly breaks down. Take into consideration that around 8 million nappies are thrown away every day in the UK alone, it is no wonder that parents are looking for more planet friendly alternatives.


When the topic of eco-friendly nappies comes up, many people think back to the cumbersome terry cloth style of old and don’t take into account the amazing advances in re-usable cloth nappies or the option of plant based eco-friendly disposable nappies that are incredibly effective and often stand up to their sodium polyacrylate gel-filled counterparts.

Price, comfort and convenience are the main obstacles when it comes to parents converting to eco-friendly nappies and it is frustrating that most eco-friendly disposable nappies are more expensive but there are lots of deals to be found if you’re signing up to a nappy subscription and investing in a reusable cloth set of nappies is definitely cost-effective in the long-run – especially if you hand them down through siblings. Many local councils also offer incentives including laundry services, free trials and cashback on reusable nappy purchases so it’s worth looking up what your borough provides. Comfort wise, reusable cloth nappies have come a long way in terms of keeping babies dry and fresh and some parents find the natural fibres cause less nappy rash and if you're regularly changing your baby's nappy, an eco-disposable nappy is no less comfortable.


If you’re convinced that using eco nappies will result in your baby waking more in the night, you could try using non eco nappies at night and eco nappies during the day while your baby is still little - every step towards less plastic and less landfill is a positive one! We have to say that the eco-disposable brands we mention below are excellent in terms of dryness and capacity and are definitely worth giving a go if you can’t commit fully to cloth nappies. Lots of parents already mix and match using cloth nappies at home and eco-disposables when they’re out and about for ease.

As well as being more gentle on the planet, many people prefer eco friendly nappies as it means your baby's skin won't be exposed to the plastics and chemicals used in the production of non eco nappies on a daily and nightly basis, meaning peace of mind and often less nappy rash and irritation as a result. If you do want to keep chemicals at bay and lessen your impact on landfill and the environment, choosing a more eco friendly nappy option is definitely a great step.

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The Best Eco Friendly Nappies 2022

Kit & Kin

Best Eco Nappies: Kit & Kin

This Platinum Junior Design Award winning eco nappy brand founded by singer Emma Bunton and product developer Chris Money covers all bases (and bottoms) when it comes to being better for the planet, great for sensitive skin and easy on the eye. We absolutely love the cute designs on both their reusable cloth nappies (FYI they also sell reusable wipes) and their disposable nappies, which are made from sustainable, plant-derived materials including bio-based gels and FSC® certified wood pulp from sustainably managed forests. The top layer, outer lining, leg cuffs and packaging are all made from 100% sustainable materials. Kit & Kin nappies are produced in a carbon neutral factory, Kit & Kin nappies are the natural choice.

SHOP HERE >> 40 eco disposable nappies, from £8, Kit & Kin (discounts and free postage for subscribers). Reusable Nappy Essentials Kit (including 3 nappies, liners, boosters, reusale cloth wipes and a nappy wallet) £101.94, Kit & Kin

Kit and Kin Cloth Nappies

Beaming Baby


A high performance disposable eco-nappy and we can vouch for excellent absorption and dryness. These nappies are over 65% biodegradable and can break down within four years. According to the manufacturer, the absorbent core is made from finely shredded paper and biodegradable gel balls which are made from GM Free Cornstarch and standard Gel. Beaming baby say they carry 54% Less Chemicals than Standard Disposable Nappies which means less chance of nappy rash.

SHOP HERE >> Pack of 20 nappies, £5.79, Beaming Baby (discounts available for bulk buying)

PimPam Eco Nappies

Pim Pam

Another Junior Design Award winning reusable nappy, the Pim Pam model really has fresh, contemporary graphics nailed (how cute are these clouds?) and you'll be spoilt for choice with insta friendly designs. Featuring a waterproof shell with a super soft micro fleece lining, one-size-fits-most and the adjustable snap fastening helps you find the perfect fit for your baby. Sizes are available from around 8-10 pounds up to 35 pounds. Each nappy comes with 2 softy bamboo terry and microfibre inserts that slot into the pocket at the back and you can either use one or two inserts, depending on required absorbency. A double gusset gives extra protection and we really like the helpful illustrations on the Pim Pam website that explain how to fit your nappy.

SHOP HERE >> Single Nappy, from £8.99, Pim Pam


eco originals eco nappies

This impressive Australian Eco-friendly disposable brand really has looked at every angle of sustainable and ethical production. The outer packaging is completely home compostable and the nappies are 90% biodegradable, aiming to be 100% biodegradable by 2023! The absorbent core is very effective and we love the fact that you can order a free trial pack (plus shipping) to try before you buy.

SHOP HERE >> 30 nappies, £12.95, Ecoriginals (20% discount available for subscribers)

Eco by Naty

naty nature eco friendly nappies

Launched in 1994, Eco by NatyOne was one of the first brands to explore the possibility of plant based, compostable disposable nappies. The high performance, comfort and sweet minimal design of their nappies make them super popular with babies and parents and the fact that they are available in mainstream outlets like Sainsbury’s, Waitrose and Boots makes them one of the most widely available eco nappy brands. They are also slightly cheaper too. Eco by Naty are very innovative and have also moved into biodegradable sanitary towels and have created a plant based potty.

SHOP HERE >> Pack of 25 nappies, £4.49, Eco by Naty (discount available with subscription)

The Cheeky Panda Bamboo Nappies

cheeky panda eco nappies for babies

These nappies are made from 100% sustainably grown bamboo with a dash of aloe vera so they are super ethical and the aqua-lock technology, which helps babies stay dryer for longer gets a big thumbs up from us. Packaging is made from recyclable plastic so it can go in your recycling collection bin. On top of this proceeds from every pack sold go towards protecting the rainforest.

SHOP HERE >> Pack of 16 nappies, £8, The Cheeky Panda (20% discount available for bulk purchasing)

Bambino Mio

mioduo nappy set (get growing)

The cute and cheery designs on the outer covers of these nappies are guaranteed to make you smile but the real genius is revealed when you realise that these two piece reusable nappies are just so easy to use. Designed to grow with your baby from newborn to toddler size with clever adjustable poppers and Velcro fastenings, they are a long term, high quality investment that can be handed down time and time again. There are three different models in the range and all promise a soft inner layer that keeps moisture away from skin and a stretchy water resistant outer and double gusset to catch any heavy showers. These nappies won a silver award for Best Eco-product Design for Babies in our most recent Junior Design Awards and were extremely popular with our panel of judges.

SHOP HERE >> Miosolo Classic Starter Set, £144.99, Bambino Mio ( buying the starter kit makes a saving of 17%

Little Lamb

Little Lamb two part Bamboo nappy

These re-usable fluffy nappies made our ovaries do the Merengue the moment we saw them. Something about that soft downy fabric against pudgy baby legs looks so cute! Thankfully, as adorable as these nappies look they are also a great choice for eco-conscious parents who want the benefit of a super soft fabric against their baby's skin. The nappies come in three sizes and three different fabric options, including microfibre, cotton and bamboo, bamboo being the most absorbent. All the nappies have to be worn with a waterproof breathable wrap so you don't get to see the fluffy fabric for very long (we're thinking a little downtime in the under layer wouldn't hurt!) and a washable liner and an optional bamboo booster are layered up inside.


SHOP HERE >> Pack of 3 bamboo nappies, £28, Little Lamb (Wraps, liners and booster layers must be bought separately)