WHAT: BINIBAMBA merino sheepskin Snuggler (buggy liner)

WHY: No one could pass the Binibamba display without reaching out for a lingering stroke! These sumptuous, incredibly soft sheepskin buggy liners really caused a stir with our judges who all noted the luxurious quality and beautiful craftsmanship. Binibamba describes itself as a fully sustainable source of snuggles and the panel were deeply impressed with the brand’s intrinsically eco-friendly values. All Binibamba’s sheepskins are a by-product from the meat industry and are sourced from ethical farms in Australia. The brand also works with an ethical, fully audited tannery, testing our sheepskins to be REACH-compliant. The fact that Binibamba are also a plastic free company really resonated with our panel who loved the fact that this product, as well as all their packaging, is natural, biodegradable & reusable.

I love this elevated version of a sheepskin buggy liner that can also be used for tummy time, moses baskets and more. Great that it fits all buggies too!
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior
A brand I love. The sheepskin is beautifully soft but it's the way Binibamba have reinvented sheepskin, making it cool and modern through colour and design, that makes it really special and deserving of an award.
Charlotte Kewley Children’s Stylist
So, so soft and snuggly - I’d be tempted to keep it for myself! We have a great affinity with sheepskin in our house - my daughter has slept on one since day one - but this is the most luxurious I have come across. It’s great that it fits into the buggy but the design is so clever it can be used anywhere, without the holes that allow it to adapt to a buggy or car seat showing.
Sarah-Jane Mee, Sky News Reporter

WHERE: Binibamba



WHO: Bambino Mio

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WHAT: Bambino Mio mioduo two-piece reusable nappy

WHY: Everyone loved these re-usable nappies on first sight. The cute and cheery designs on the outer covers really appealed to our judges who loved the fact that these nappies make changing time and beyond a chance to show personality and style rather than just a functional afterthought. Ease of use was another huge draw for our judges who loved the simple, snug fastening system and the one size foldable insert that was super soft to the touch - not forgetting the double gusset for extra leak-proof protection. Overall, this product is such a thoughtfully designed, money saving and eco-friendly alternative to regular disposable nappies, which are loaded with silicone and plastic and take on average 500 years to break down, that they scored extremely highly with the panel.

I personally used these with my baby and absolutely loved them! The design is funky and they kept my baby nice and dry. I have been telling all my friends about them!
Zoey Goto, Freelance Writer and mother of two
This is so simple to use and dispels the ‘inconvenience’ myth of a reusable nappy. The inserts are soft for little bums and easily folded to adapt for different baby shapes and for big or little incidents! Great to have the option of using your own muslins if needed on the move or if caught short!Bambino Mio always push for better results from their products to help us parents do our bit for the environment and this is another brilliant example.
Sarah-Jane Mee, Sky News Reporter
I'm just getting into reusable nappies and these seem really easy to use.
Charlotte Kewley Children’s Stylist and mother of three

WHERE: Bambino Mio



WHO: Mama Toyz

WHAT: Mama Toyz 3-in-1 Large Loop Nest – a rockable baby pod that turns into a sensory gym and then a balance board that can be used by the whole family.

WHY: Our panel absolutely loved this multi-tasking product that can segue between being a baby nest and sensory baby gym and then becomes a super versatile balance board that can be used for creative play when the baby phase is over. Not only does the 3-in-1 aspect mean less clutter in the home, less to buy and less landfill but our judges were excited to learn that this product is handcrafted from natural, sustainably-sourced wood, using only eco-certified water-based adhesives and paints in the brands own factory where nothing is compromised and everything has passed CE tests. An aesthetic, functional and eco-friendly hit!

I can’t think of another product that can be so constructively used from newborn to tween! This feels like it will become a design classic in years to come.
Sarah-Jane Mee, Sky News Reporter
I think my kids would all fight over this one.
Charlotte Kewley, Children’s Stylist and founder of @thelittlestylist
Such a brilliant idea! I love the baby friendly ergonomics of the rockable nest, the addition of a sensory gym to keep older babies stimulated and then the exciting possibilities of a balance board.
Bonita Turner, Editor of Junior

WHERE: MamaToyz



WHO: The Tartan Blanket Co.
WHAT: Lambswool Baby Blankets

WHY: Our panel loved these super soft baby blankets made from the highest quality Mongolian lambswool. Everyone agreed that there’s something so reassuring about a real wool blanket that has that wonderfully traditional feel with all the benefits of a safe, sustainable and natural fibre. Learning that these blankets are breathable, hypoallergenic and temperature regulating, as well as being odour and stain resistant, sealed the deal for our judges who all scored these beautiful blankets highly.

Beautiful, soft blankets at a reasonable price point.
Charlotte Kewley, Baby & Children’s Stylist
Well done to the Tartan Blanket Co. for reinvigorating the idea of a traditional gift by emphasising it’s longevity, sustainability and natural benefits. A beautiful range of colours and patterns using natural material. I would happily buy this as a gift. It’s stylish, practical and can be handed down generations.
Sarah-Jane Mee, Sky News Reporter
So gorgeous and soft - this would make a lovely gift!
Zoey Goto, Freelance Writer

WHERE: The Tartan Blanket Co.