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Kleine Fabriek Autumn/Winter 2013-14: The stands

Junior brings you more glorious images from the stands at the Dutch childrenswear tradeshow

Posted: 22 January 2013
by Catherine Hudson

Kleine Fabriek Kleine Fabriek
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Kleine Fabriek winter 2013, Noppies

We saw too many beautiful things at the winter 2013 edition of Kleine Fabriek to write just one fashion report, so here are some more sneak peeks of what will be in your child's wardrobe next season...

Little Label is a brand new Dutch childrenswear label that caught our minimalist eye. Created with a limited colour palette, we love the all-in-ones and the hooded zip tops. 

Moi has utilised an on-trend bird print. However, this one has a personal story attached to it. The bird is a raven, which the designer's family discovered injured in their back garden. Having nursed it back to good health, it now features heavily in their gorgeous fashion collection. The main colour palette is grey, black and white, with splashes of neon colour. One of our favourite labels at the fair. 

Washed out colours, star prints, raw edges could be found at alternative baby fashion label, NuNuNu

The Tiny Universe stand was perhaps one of our most exciting finds. From the tuxedo baby all-in-ones to the amazing selection of books - The Picture Book for the Finest of Babies, a personal favourite - it has a fabulous selection of clothing and gift ideas.

Oilily won our award for the best stand as it put on a grand show of child-sized mannequins riding a giant polar bear. The clothing this season was also excpetional. We loved the graduated colour knit jumper, colour palette of orange, red and cream, gold lurex cardigans and tartan red and blue check tights. 

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Kleine Fabriek Autumn/Winter 2013-14: The fashion report

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