It's official. Spring has sprung. How do we know? Because the Easter Bunny has taken up residence at Polar Post!


The much loved postal service of Santa and polestar of all things Christmas, not to mention the winner of multiple Junior Design Awards, has segued into Spring, offering a host of beautiful Easter gifts and keepsakes for celebrating this favourite holiday.


The Easter Bunny is on paw to write bespoke, hand addressed letters to children up until February 26th for international orders, there are gilded invitations to the Spring Ball so that you can really make a grand event of your egg hunt and there are chocolates, 'good egg' rosettes and pretty letter writing kits designed by the magical hand of illustrator, Claire Fletcher. And to keep kids entertained over the holidays Polar Post have collaborated with LOLA (Lots of Lovely Art) to create an Easter sketch book with plenty of projects for them to get their bunny teeth into. Eggsactly what we needed!

Invitation to The Spring Ball, £6.50, Polar Post

Cardboard Easter egg
Ginger & Pickles Reusable Egg, £10.00, Polar Post
Easter craft activities
LoLA x Bunny Post - The Spring Ball Sketchbook, £20.00, Polar Post
Easter rosette
The Good Egg Rosette ~ Rose, £7.50, Polar Post
Easter Writing Paper
Set of Easter Bunny Writing Paper, £6.99, Polar Post
Chocolate bunnies
A Burrow of Bunnies, £14.50, Polar Post
Chocolate Easter Eggs for egg hunt
The Grand Hunt Eggs, £12.00, Polar Post

>> All available from Polar Post