One thing, if nothing else, that children have learnt during the Covid-19 pandemic is that hand-washing is an essential habit for healthy living. Schools were quick to teach children with posters and reminders and instructions to wash along to the strains of 'Happy Birthday to you' meant that every bathroom in the land experienced almost hourly tuneful celebrations. Little wonder that children's hand wash has now become a staple buy.


Here we've rounded up the very best...

How children should wash their hands!

How Children Should Wash Their Hands

  • Step 1: Wet your hands. Make sure you turn off the tap.
  • Step 2: Pump some hand wash into your hands.
  • Step 3: Rub your hands together and make sure you get the hand wash everywhere! (not up the tiles please...)
  • Step 4: Rinse it all off.
  • Step 5: Dry your hands using a clean towel.

Ensure that the 5-step 'wash-lather-scrub-rinse-dry' mantra is a continued everyday practice with our round-up of the best luxury kids hand washes to clean and care for tiny hands.

Best Luxe hand-wash and sanitisers for children

Bramley Kids Handwash

Bramley Little B Handwash from £8 for 100ml

  • With naturally antibacterial lavender, soothing magnolia and refreshing sweet orange essential oils
  • A delicate, sulphate-free liquid hand wash for children
  • Perfectly formulated for children aged 6 months and above
  • Leaping Bunny & The Vegan Society approved

Junior says: 'Beautifully designed bottle, great lather and such a sweet (and non -sickly) smelling scent - you'll want to keep it for to yourself (and we wouldn't blame you!)'

mini u

Mini U Golden Grapefruit Hand Wash £499 for 250ml

  • With naturally derived ingredients and the zest scent of grapefruit
  • Vegan and allergen, gluten, soy and dairy free hand wash for children
  • Perfectly formulated for young skin and can be used from newborn
  • Made in the UK with no animal testing

Junior says: 'We love the new refreshing makeover to the children's collection - and we adore Cleany Claud the Crab on this new fruity wash.'

More like this

Scrubbingtons hand foam wash

Scrubbington's Foaming Hand & Face Wash £4.50 for 200ml

  • A unique finger sticking foam that deep down cleans hands (and face)
  • The foam lasts twice as long as gel hand washes
  • Fresh 'cut grass' scent with added aloe vera for extra moisturising
  • 98% Natural ingredients
  • No parabéns, SLS or artificial colourants
  • Suitable for sensitive skin - and gentle enough for dry skin
  • Fully recyclable bottles and made from 50% recycled plastic
  • Re-fill pouches available as well as subscription service

Junior says: 'The foam texture is fun for children and really does clean even the muckiest of hands - we especially love that you can refill the bottle.'

Dandydill Way Cleansing Mousse

DandyDill Way Cleansing Mousse £22.50 for 150ML

  • A unique blend of botanical extract of British Hawthorn berries known for antioxidant properties
  • A rich, creamy soap-free foam that gently and thoroughly cleans sensitive skin without causing dryness
  • With over 98.4% natural ingredients
  • Tear-free and mild formula makes it ideal for delicate young skin
  • 100% Natural fragrance with no sulphates, SLS, paragons, alcohol and other nasties

Junior says: 'You would be 100% forgiven if you kept this solely for yourself! The luxurious texture (a little of this foam goes a long, long way), the divine smell, the stylish bottles ....the list goes on. No wonder they scooped Platinum in the 2019 Junior Design Awards.'

Childs Farm hand wash

Childs Farm Moisturising Hand Wash with Grapefruit & Organic Tea Tree Oil from £4 for 250ml

  • A citrus-fresh scent of grapefruit and organic tea tree oil
  • Dermatologist and paediatrician approved as suitable for sensitive skin and safe for people who may be prone to eczema.
  • Suitable for newborns and upwards
  • Registered with The Vegan Society and certified by Cruelty Free International

Junior says: 'A refreshing scent that gives a deep down clean feeling and this soap really leaves hands soft without that tight, dry feeling.'


Neal's Yard Children's Hand Wash £7.50 for 185ml

  • Naturally soothing blend of organic chamomile, lavender and propolis
  • An organic and dermatologically tested formula
  • Gentle enough for newborns 3kg / 6lb 10oz and over
  • Bottle can be recycled and pumps can be returned to store for recycling

Junior says: 'You only need a little of this rich liquid to create a luscious later and the natural scent is soothing and refreshing. Worth the extra money for a quality wash that lasts'

dr bronner baby-hand-soap-small

Dr. Bronner's 4-in-1 Baby Organic Unscented Sugar Soap from £19.98 for 710ml

  • Supersize bottle - ideal for all the family
  • Classic castle soap made by Dr. Bronners' since 1858
  • With organic white grape juice, organic coconut-olive-hemp oils and sugar that gives the soap a rich caramel colour and sweet scent
  • Keeps young skin nourished, hydrated and smooth.
  • Natural, fair-trade and organic Ingredients

Junior says: 'Smells gorgeous - like melted sugar. Dr. Bronner is famed for its non-irritating, creamy lather and that just a little of this liquid soap goes a long way. With an easy to use pump for children, it's a great all-round body wash too.'


Yope Natural Hand Soap for Kids £8.99 for 400ml

  • In three great scents: Marigold, Coconut & Mint and Jasmine
  • There is also a moisturising, paraben-free and antibacterial pineapple and coconut variety. The mild antimicrobial component of the soap gently removes bad bacteria.
  • Non-stripping pH-neutral, mild formula that includes soothing plant extracts to offer maximum protection against dryness and irritation.
  • All are wonderfully sweet and refreshing, with a fun graphic bottle - with ears no less - that appeals to young children
  • 94% natural and minimally processed ingredients
  • Skin-safe hand soap for kids ages 3 and up

Junior says: 'Cute packaging that appeals to children and with such wonderful scents you will definitely know if they have washed their hands or not!'

>> Find additional stockists and information at Yope

liquid soap

Organii Liquid Soap, £4.95 for 300ml

  • In four great scents: citrus & olive, rose & olive, lavender & olive and neutral
  • Mild and organic, these Liquid Soaps are suitable for daily use and frequent hand (and body) washing
  • The copious amounts of olive oil and sunflower seed oil provide a soothing and moisturising wash while cleansing effectively too
  • These liquid soap are fragrance free, making them perfect for those with very sensitive skin or skin allergies
  • 100% natural fragrances from pure essential oils
  • Skin-safe hand soap for kids ages 3 and up

Junior says: 'These liquid soaps are a little additive. Hands are left super soft and as you only need one pump to throughly cleanse hands one bottle lasts ages.'

>> Find additional stockists and information at Organii


Attitude Little Leaves Foaming Hand Soap £6.99 for 295ml

  • Natural foaming hand soap
  • Free of artificial fragrances as naturally scented with an exotic watermelon and coconut aroma.
  • Formulated with blueberry leaf and moringa seed extract
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologically-tested: contains no known skin allergens or irritants.
  • PETA Certified: cruelty-free and 100% vegan.
  • Free of SLES, SLS and PEGs and other nasties.

Junior says: 'Creates generous, foamy bubbles that give a great deep down clean leaving a light lingering aroma of tropical coconut and watermelon.'


Hipp Kids Soft & Foamy Hand Wash Duck £3.75 for 250ml

  • Perfect for toddlers - they will love washing their hands with this duck shaped pump
  • A light, foamy and extremely gentle hand wash
  • A fresh, clean smell that isn't overpowering
  • Dermatologically tested and suitable for vegans
  • Free from PEG, parabens, paraffins and allergy-causing fragrances (according to cosmetics regulations)
  • Re-fill pouches available

Junior says: 'The cute duck design will encourage young children to enjoy hand washing and this formulation is great for sensitive and young skin.'

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What to use when Soap and Water isn't Available

The best kids hand sanitisers

Washing children's hands with soap and water is always going to be more effective at deep-down cleansing than baby wipes and hand sanitisers alone, but sometimes needs must. So, these are our top-rated, no-rinse hand sprays and gels for children. Perfect for those times when you can't get to a sink or as an extra speedy way of protecting against germs - because, frankly we don't want to share our Aesop Resurrection Rinse-Free Hand Wash!


Spots & Strips Hand Cleansing Spray £11 for 125ml

  • A natural multipurpose, germ-bashing, anti-bacterial and anti-viral spray.
  • Delicious smelling with tea tree, peppermint, aloe vera leaf juice and thyme
  • 99% natural, it’s full of ingredients that will clean and refresh hands naturally
  • Contains over 60% alcohol for serious protection against germs

Junior says: ' We're big fans of S&S and this couldn't have come at a better time. Just spritz onto dry hands, rub in and in 20 seconds hands feel clean, fresh and protected. A must for tweens' and teens' back-to-school bags!'


Bramley Little B Alcohol-Free Hand Cleansing Gel from £6.40 for 100ml

  • A delicate hand cleansing gel with hydrating organic aloe vera
  • Contains naturally antibacterial tea tree, lavender & rosemary essential oils
  • Fragranced with peppermint essential oil
  • Alcohol-free - so perfect for sensitive skin
  • Leaping Bunny & The Vegan Society approved
  • Perfectly formulated for children aged 6 months and above

Junior says: 'A little of this light gel goes a long way and the minty scent is refreshing. Hands don't feel dry or more importantly, sticky after use.'

Organic Children hand sanitiser

Organic Children Hand Sanitiser £10.50 for 100ml

  • An alcohol-free hand sanitiser with naturally antibacterial extracts
  • With organic aloe vera, tea tree, orange & mandarin oils
  • Gentle for sensitive skin and those prone to eczema - with no need to rinse
  • Use on sticky fingers, faces, toys and even high chairs
  • 91% certified organic ingredients, cruelty-free and vegan
  • Up to 200 pumps per bottle

Junior says: 'From the trusted Green People brand this would be our first choice for younger skin - the citrusy smell is just delicious too.'


Mustela No-Rinse Cleansing Water from £8 for 300ml

  • This unique no-rinse micellar water gently purifies skin for a clean free
  • Ideal for use from birth onwards - use on babies hands, face and nappy area
  • With natural aloe vera extract, allantoin for supreme softness, and Avocado Perseose® to preserve the skin’s cellular resources.
  • Best applied with a cotton pad and gently patted dry
  • Beautifully feather-light liquid with Mustela's signature scent
  • 98% natural fluid due to its mild surfactants
  • No parabens, phthalates, or phenoxyethanol.
  • Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

Junior says:' Although not technically a 'hand sanitiser' we couldn't not include this best-selling water as it's ideal for that feeling of water - without water. Plus, the classic baby-fresh scent is divine.'


Organii Hand Gel from £3.95 for 80ml

  • This unique no-rinse, fast-drying gel is perfect for sanitising hands on the go
  • Certified natural with only 60% alcohol - making it perfect for younger skin
  • With organic tea tree essential oil and organic aloe vera leaf juice both known for their anti-bacterial and anti-viral effects
  • Added vegetable glycerin means skin is left hydrated, protected with no dried out feeling
  • Dermatologically tested, cruelty free and suitable for vegans

Junior says: 'A perfect hand gel for those who prefer more natural ingredients. '