Smelly armpits, a pre-signal of puberty, are to be expected in kids from around eight to ten years old but can occur even earlier than that. Try entering a Year 4 primary school classroom at the end of the day and you’ll know that little girls and boys don’t smell of shampoo and apples forever!


In fact, it was a friend's plea for make-up artist Tania Rodney to create a deodorant for her daughter, that was the catalyst for creating the entire Platinum Junior Design Award winning, Dandydill Way toiletries range..

My God daughter’s mother told me I HAD to do a deodorant for children and my first thought was that it was a ridiculous notion (my daughter was only 5 at the time) but research showed that children have a hormone surge at around 9-yrs and this can affect their body odour and cause them to feel self conscious...

Scrubbingtons First Deodorant is another Junior favourite that was born out of necessity when brand co-founder Emma Cranstoun found she needed a natural first deodorant for her son when he turned nine.

Finding completely natural deodorants is a little easier these days, but it's still hard to find products that are absolutely natural so we've brought together a list of our favourite and most effective but gentle deodorants to help keep kids’ niffs and bay without irritating their delicate skin or dosing them with harsh chemicals. These clever formulations will help kids feel more confident and should keep cuddle time a sweet smelling affair - even after PE!

10 Natural Deodorants for Children

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10 Natural Deodorants for Kids

OY! Deodorant, £10.50 for 75ML, Green People

Devised by the organic skincare experts at Green People, this deodorant is free from alcohol or aluminium and has a soft orange and vanilla scent. Ideal for ages 8 years+

10 Natural Deodorants for Kids

Liquid Powder Natural Deodorant, £17 for 100ML, Dandydill Way

This all natural and delicate but freshly scented deodorant has a lotion to powder formulation that stops odour before it develops. Great for keeping armpits and even feet sweat free and sweet smelling. Ideal for ages 6 years+

10 Natural Deodorants for Kids

The Natural Deodorant Co. Active Deodorant Balm, £12.50 for 55g, Planet Organic

Not strictly for kids, but this smells lovely is super gentle and easy to apply with fingertips and contains no harsh chemicals whatsoever. We like the refreshing orange + bergamot and lemon + geranium scents for tweens and teens. Ideal for ages 10 years+

10 Natural Deodorants for Kids

'Pit Stop' First Deodorant, £3.99 for 50ML, Scrubbingtons

This one looks fun and is great for getting kids feeling excited about using a deodorant rather than daunted - with a fresh 'cut grass' scent. Contains no aluminium or alcohol and is packed in a fully recyclable bottle made from 50% recycled plastic. Ideal for ages 8 years+

10 Natural Deodorants for Kids

Botanical Cream Deodorant, from £18 for 50g, Aurelia

This is a cream to powder formulation that is very gentle on the skin making it a great choice for a first deodorant. Containing superfine powdered plant based botanicals, including antimicrobial Arrowroot and pure Kaolin to absorb natural perspiration and Shea butter to gently hydrate. We also love the new citrus scented version. Ideal for ages 11 years+

10 Natural Deodorants for Kids

Salt of the Earth Rock Chick Natural Deodorant for Girls, £4.85 for 90G, Crystal Spring

Kids seems to love the fact that this is made purely from natural mineral salts, providing long-lasting and effective protection from under-arm pongs. A geology lesson and a deodorant in one! Ideal for ages 6 years+.

10 Natural Deodorants for Kids

Z&MA Girls Green Tee Organic Deodorant, £11 for 50ML, Smallable

This is such a fantastic French range developed by two friends who wanted to create natural beauty products for teen skins. The contents more than live up to the packaging and this deodorant (there is a boy’s Vetiver version too) smells délicieuse. Ideal for ages 12 years +

>> Boys Vetiver Organic Deodorant, £11 for 50ml, Z&MA
toms of maine deo

Tom's of Maine Natural Wicked Cool! Deodorant Summer Fun, £4.19 for 1.6 oz, Lucky Vitamin

Made by one of the original organic deodorant pioneers, Wicked Cool! is its first natural deodorant formulated just for kids - specifically for pre-teens and teens - this deodorant has a lovely texture and glides on easily providing long lasting 24-hr protection. Great for kids who play a lot of sport. Ideal for ages 8 years+

10 Natural Deodorants for Kids

Good Smells All-Natural Deodorant for Girls, £19 for 65g, Spots & Stripes

A completely natural, aluminium-free deodorant stick created by Charlotte-Anne Fidler, ex beauty editor and founder of teen focused beauty brand Spots & Stripes. This is the one that works and also looks cool on the shelf! Plus S&S is another Junior Design Award winner. Ideal for ages 7 years+.

Good Smells All-Natural Deodorant for Boys, £19 for 65g, Spots & Stripes

Ocean Kids Natural Deodorant Crème, £3.50 for 25g, Elsa’s


Ooh... a deodorant that comes in an eco-friendly tin! How great is that? We love these little pots that are super portable and look super cute. The tins come with a tiny bamboo spatula for application if you don’t want to use your fingers and the formula contains Coconut Oil with Arrowroot Powder, Shea Butter, Kaolin Clay and Vitamin E for efficient and effective 24-hour protection. These 4 in 1 deodorant creams will deodorise, soothe, detoxify & nourish young skin. We also adore the other citrus and sweet scents (see below). Ideal for ages 7 years+.

elsas kids deo