The Junior Design Awards 2023 are OPEN FOR BUSINESS.

The Junior Design Awards #JDA23 are a unique opportunity to win a luxury award that continues to be the most esteemed accolade in the family lifestyle awards arena, recognised by brands, clients and consumers alike. Winners are handpicked by the Junior editorial team and a host of highly respected judges (more on this soon) across our judging days held in June before all the winners are announced in September 2023.


Whether you've entered before or this will be your first time, we thought it would be useful to give you some INSIDER TIPS on how to make your entry meet the criteria set and to help you really stand-out. These tips are from our Editor Bonita Turner, based on previous years' entries and are meant to be helpful for making your entry 'shine'.

** PLEASE KINDLY TAKE NOTE: You will in no way be marked down if you don't follow all or any of these steps. They are for guidance, help and advice only.

15 Tips on how to enter the Junior Design Awards 2023 from the Editor


Visit the dedicated Junior Design Awards 2023 site to enter. Here you will find a Q&A page, information about the categories and our contact information. Do also keep an eye on Junior Magazine as we have lots of helpful articles and regularly post news and updates.


Be sure to read through all the categories - we have 78 awards - to ensure you are entering the award that reflects your brand, product or label and that it's also an award you would want to win! If you need help with deciding which category best suits your brand please do contact us. You can contact us via email at OR via Instagram @juniormagazineonline


Set aside a little time to enter. You will need to fill in the online form and upload images. This counts as the first round of judging (shortlisting) and it's important you say and show what you want the Junior Editorial team to judge you on. It can take anything from approximately 25-35 mins to fill in the form

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Especially when it comes to the wording when entering - we don't spell check you, don't worry! You have 100 words to describe your entry (e.g. this is what your brand, collection, product, shop is etc) and 300 words to tell us why you should win (e.g.what makes your brand/product special? What makes you stand out? What do you stand for? Your brand message). Try not to repeat this copy as this is your chance to really shout about your brand or product.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Add a link to your website or shop so we can take a look....


You can upload 5 images for judging - be sure these represent your brand or product in the best light. They can be lifestyle images, product shots, cut-outs or documents. Bear in mind that these will be the images we base shortlisting on.

NOTE: These are also the images that will be used in articles on Junior Magazine if you win. SO MAKE THEM count!


Please remember to label each of your images with your brand name or product name as when it comes to judging we use these images and we don't want to get any of them mixed up. It will help us identify you more quickly and easily too.


You can also add in a link, video, PDF or catalogue to enhance your entry. This helps if you are a new brand, awaiting content or have more you want to share with us. We do look at everything that is uploaded.


You will be emailed directly if you are shortlisted and this is when we will ask for a physical product to be sent in. We do not require any physical product before this time.


When sending in your products please ensure your entry form is attached to the outside of the package, placed inside or, marked clearly if 1 0f several boxes/bags. If you are shortlisted we will give you more detailed information nearer the time on sending in your entry.

If you have entered a fashion, interior or lifestyle category and will be sending in multiple items please ensure each item is clearly labelled if the brand label/logo is not obvious. This can be a sticker, a luggage label or tag. This is especially helpful for lifestyle stores that may be sending in other branded products.


If you have entered more than one award then the same sample can be used across the awards judging (i.e if you entered the same cot/pushchair in 2 categories we can use this one sample for both entries). BUT, it is always best to check this with us beforehand though.


Remember if you are entering as a brand, then what you send in should represent the brand in the best light. e.g if you are a baby skincare brand - sending in the full collection will look much more impressive on the judging day rather than just one product on show, or if you're a fashion brand, submitting the required number of pieces from a collection that show the style of the brand will always be more appealing than random items that do not look like they are from the same range. Tell the judges a story.


Over the years there were a few brands that sent in items packaged up as though they were being sent to the customer - with a real luxury touch. For example: some items came in a beautiful box, with tissue and ribbon wrapping, some on wooden hangers, on branded hangers, or all ready-to-go on their own rail (this was impressive), some came with handwritten swing labels with little booklets or catalogues, POS display signs, postcard packs, stickers... This isn't a requirement to entry but does give the editorial and judging team a sense of who the brand is and, more often than not, these details are showcased on the judging day to ensure you really stand out. NOTE: If you have any other items/props you want to place with your entry please do contact us beforehand to check if space allows.


For some of the external, expert and high profile judges, this may be the first time they have ever encountered your product, so your entry needs to be clear about what it is and who you are. This is your chance to get into the hands of influencers and even new suppliers, buyers, customers and industry insiders. Read what happened here when we introduced a new brand to our judges and this first hand account from a brand that entered and why.


We have been running these awards for a long time (12 years to be exact) and we want them to be successful for both of us so if you need to speak to us, then please DO! We are humans at the end of a phone, email, tweet or DM. We aim to get back to you asap and please know we will help you in any way we can to make these awards beneficial to us BOTH! No question is a stupid question.


Big or small, new or heritage, classic or innovative - we really want to know why you are so GREAT! Be your own PR and your own very best cheerleader! We can't wait to hear more... see you on the other side!

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