The Junior Design Awards 2022 are HERE!!

A very big welcome to our annual Junior Design Awards programme. Often referred to as the #JDA’s, these awards continue to be the most esteemed accolade in the UK children’s lifestyle awards arena, recognised by brands, designers, clients and consumers alike.


For over 10 years our awards have highlighted the best of the best in children’s design from small brands to heritage brands and retailers to online stores. We know winning a #JDA is a highly sought after endorsement for a brand and we also know that our awards are a trusted and highly regarded seal-of-style for our readers and consumers who know that any product or brand bearing a #JDA disc is truly loved by all of us at Junior and our esteemed panel of judges (to be announced very soon!). But for now...

Here’s the 2022 Junior Design Awards low-down

What’s planned for 2022 and a reflection on 2021

Your unwavering support for the 10th annual Junior Design Awards in 2021 was incredible and even nearing the end of the pandemic we managed to pull off another successful year. We had a record number of entrants, gave out a whopping 300+ awards and found so many new, exciting and gorgeous brands. 2021 reinforced just how much the Junior Design Awards mean to everyone and how important it is to recognise and reward the incredible hard work and talent in our industry.

Over the years we've updated and reinvigorated our existing awards so that they not only reward and acknowledge the very best in design products on the market for parents, parents-to-be and children but reflect the varying nature of modern family life. This year we have 76 awards up for grabs across 7 categories and it is going to be so exciting to see who emerges as the best-of-the-best this year. You can take a peek at all of the Junior Design Awards 2022 awards categories HERE.

We’ve also taken a close look at our entry forms and have revised some of the wording on the awards site to make entering easier and smoother than ever. Please do also take a few moments to read this article from our Editor with tips, tricks and insider knowledge on how to best enter the awards. You can visit the Junior Design Awards dedicated site HERE

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For 2022 we have our fingers crossed that we can host a special Junior Design Awards winner's brunch to celebrate in style... Watch this Space!

The inspiration behind the Junior Design Awards 2022…

It always starts with the logo. Our design and branding hasn’t changed over the years to keep it instantly recognisable – although the colour always gets a refresh.

We are always influenced by current trends but are also aware that we have an illustrious body of work in our Junior archive, so merging the two is what we always aim to do. This year we took inspiration from a Junior Design Awards editorial shoot that appeared in the April 2013 issue titled 'Block Party'. Shot by children’s Fashion Photographer & Director Katrina Tang and styled by Mindi Smith. We felt these quirky fashion images reflected all that is wonderful about children's unique individuality and creativity.


You can see the original cover image and the editorial from the April 2013 below: