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Smart Boy About Town tells tales of Thailand with some sightseeing in Bangkok

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Hi, it's me, Joe.

I've been off on my travels. First stop, Bangkok, Thailand. I always like to try out the local cuisine and, while my usual is a Tropical Calippo, today the menu of ice-creams was somewhat more exotic. Red bean, black bean, milk tea or zolocca lolly, anyone? I opted for the Mango.

It was really hot in Bangkok - a guy really needs to get out of the sun and into the shade. A most handy prop, and quite a fashion statement, is my rather fetching hat. Only get this. It's not only a hat. When you take it off, you can also fan yourself. The only negative I found is that bamboo actually doesn't smell very nice when it gets wet. So our day in Bangkok was spent thus. Sleep in till 2pm. Ooops, mummy didn't set the alarm and the jetlag kicked in! Make mad dash to Golden Palace before it closes at 4pm, whizz round looking at the glitzy goldenness of the Golden Palace (clever name), then hop in a taxi to browse the shops, before heading back to the lovely Banyan Tree hotel for a big deep bath, dinner overlooking a glittering Bangkok at night, then off to bed to catch some zzzzzz…

More of my travel tales soon

Love Jxx

Joe's wardrobe: T-shirt by No Added Sugar, shorts by Il Gufo, bamboo hat-cum-fan from Bangkok streetseller.

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