If you're a new mum you are probably overwhelmed with the amount of baby books you can buy - from motherhood to life with a new baby - well, we have the answer. The New Mum's Notebook - this is the only book you need! It's perfect for new mums or, makes the ideal baby shower gift. The New Mum's Notebook by Amy Ransom is a beautiful month-by-month book/journal to support new mums in that uncertain first year, no matter what 'round' she's on.

The notebook every new mums needs

Full of love, humour, articles, affirmations and space to write thoughts down, this is the book every new mum deserves to have by her side. It will reassure her and help her see what an amazing job she's doing – however she chooses to raise her baby - and remind her how far she's come on those days where it might be hard to remember her name, let alone anything else.

Doctors, midwives and psychologists are heralding it as an empowering tool for new mums. There is also now a The Not-So-New Mum’s Notebook and The School Mum’s Notebook

The notebook every new mums needs

We asked the founder Amy Ransom from Surviving Motherhood blog for her 15 best 'new mum' tips straight from its beautiful pages..

1) If it's all feeling a bit crazy, just know that it does get easier.

2) Be kind to yourself. Every day. Always remember that moments pass

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3) Feeling the pressure to be back to normal? Ask yourself this. 'What's the rush, really?

4) Stop worrying. Slow down. Remember. You've just had a baby.

5) Going out for the first time on your own is scary. But fresh air is good for the soul. It doesn't matter where you go, it only matters that you do.

6) Take any offers of help. Food. Tidying up. Running errands. There are no prizes for flying solo.

7) Your baby. Your rules. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Because no one else knows your baby like you do.

8) You will doubt yourself A LOT. That's normal. Know that you're doing GREAT.

9) Don't compare yourself to other mums. Who could be better for your baby than you?

10) You'll never get it right all of the time. So stop trying. And accept yourself.

11 ) Things you don't need to do when you're nurturing a small human being:

  • feel guilty about anything
  • function
  • organise stuff
  • chores
  • justify yourself
  • question yourself
  • diet (when you've had two hours sleep, cake is all you've got)
  • go it alone (ask for help. We'll be there in a heartbeat to do what we can to get you through those early months.)

12) All mums feel anxious at one time or another (you're not going crazy.

13) Spend time with other mums who inspire and boost you.

14) Always be patient with yourself. Motherhood is a steep learning curve.

15) Give up on perfection. Embrace yourself like your baby does. With LOVE.

The notebook every new mums needs

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