The 4-stages of mum shopping by Sketchy Muma artist Anna Lewis

Children's illustrator and Instagram sensation Sketchy Muma A.K.A Anna Lewis on the shopping trips all mums make

anna lewis

If you’ve not heard of Sketchy Muma then where have you been hiding? Anna Lewis the founder of Sketchy Muma is a published children’s illustrator from Cornwall who started sharing her experiences of first-time motherhood through her simple sketches on instagram – and the rest is history.


With fans such as Giovanna Fletcher who says: “Anna’s sketches never fail to put a smile on my face and make my heart a little warmer.”

It was no wonder a book was calling.

And a gorgeous little book on motherhood it is. From those positive blue lines to this first few confusing months, Anna’s funny, endearing and moving illustrated diary is a must for all new mums as well as experienced parents who can look back and go ‘oh yes I remember those days, moments and feelings.’

We are sharing a few of Sketchy Muma’s illustrations here with a little shopping theme (of course!) – remember these stages of mum shopping? Or, maybe you are going through them now!

STAGE 1: shopping when pregnant

When you go out shopping for more baby stuff and bump into someone you’ve maybe not seen in a while and, someone who has too much too say…


STAGE 2: those very early days – and nights!

Sleep deprived online shopping.We’ve all been there. And, often forget what we have purchased in a semi-awake state until the parcels start to arrive…

STAGE 2: Sleep deprived online shopping...we've all been there!

STAGE 3: shopping with baby at Christmas

That first Christmas ‘themed’ shop hits us all. You head to the supermarket to get essentials and promise to bypass the seasonal section…

STAGE 3: That first 'themed' shop...

STAGE 4: that first shop alone

In those first few weeks when a trip to the supermarket – alone – feels like a spa day! You slowly cruise the aisles, ignore the sounds and enjoy the inner peace and quiet… and, not being needed for a while.

STAGE 4: In those first few weeks when a trip to the supermarket - alone - feels like a spa day!

The 4-stages of mum shopping by Sketchy Muma

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