How to get the kids to sleep at Christmas

Children's sleep expert Emilie Caro has some helpful holiday hints to get babies and children to wind down during the festive season

How to get the kids to sleep this Christmas

The festive season is literally around the corner and although it’s great fun to experience the holidays through your child’s eyes, whether it’s their first Christmas, or not – getting them to stick to their bedtime routine can be tough.


The longer break, extra family members around and of course the excitement leads to many babies, toddlers and older kids becoming sleep deprived due to the change and disruption of their usual routine. Making them grouchy enough to become our own little Grinches!

Whether you have travel planned, lots of later than usual events or friends/family coming to stay, these helpful hints should help you get EVERYONE through the Christmas season feeling more rested, relaxed and refreshed for the New Year ahead.


Even with busier days and children getting more stimulation than usual, which can make them seem less tired — do not be tempted to skip naps with the hope of a better night’s sleep. The right quality of sleep is key so making children over tired will not help, in fact the opposite of often true!


You may find it harder than usual to to settle them at bedtime and/or during the night, but don’t be tempted to bring children into your bed or into a new environment like in with a sibling or spare room to make space for staying guests. This can easily become habit and start happening on your return home/ after the festive are over.


If you are entertaining or visiting friends, spend some extra quiet time in your child’s room with them, before bedtime. The extra excitement of the holidays can mean children need more time to calm down before they sleep, especially if they have consumed more sugary treats than usual!

By Emilie Caro Sleep

How to get the kids to sleep this Christmas

Having completed both a BSc (University of Manchester) and MSc (London School of Economics) in Psychology, Emilie worked for eight years in Human Resources, with a particular focus on Occupational Psychology. Following the birth of her children (3 boys aged 8, 6 and 4), Emilie became very interested in the domain of children’s sleep and the psychology surrounding this.


She qualified in 2011 as a certified children’s sleep consultant in order to practice formally in this field and is a member of the British Sleep Society and the International Association for Sleep Consultants. Additionally, she has travelled extensively with her children and can give advice on jet lag and how best to cope with schedule changes. Emilie has helped numerous families with a wide range of sleeping problems and is regularly recommended by the paediatric department at the St John & St Elizabeth Hospital in St John’s Wood, London. She is known for her kind and gentle approach and always follows up until the issues are fully resolved. For more information, sleep packages and to read her blog visit Emilie Caro Sleep