There's no such thing as a magic wand when it comes to making birth easy but Frida, has come up with something that could be described as practical magic - a perineal massage wand designed to reduce the risk of tearing during delivery and to help take the sting out of labour.


Developed with a gynaecologist, the Prepare to Push Perineal Massage Wand can be used to gently stretch the vaginal opening in the weeks leading up to birth to prepare for baby entering the world as smoothly as possible.

Perineal massage has been shown to help reduce the risk of vaginal tears during labour and can reduce the need for an episiotomy, meaning a speedier recovery and a much more comfortable postpartum. It is also a great way to feel more connected to your body and to understand the ins and outs - pun intended - of the physical journey you're embarking upon.

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Of course, perineal massage can be performed using your fingers and unscented natural oils like almond, vitamin e or olive oil and many women ask their partners to help with the stretching. Members of the Junior team can vouch for the benefits of perineal massage and Jessie Ware is an advocate, as she mentions in her pregnancy podcast 'Is it Normal?'. The advantages we can see of using the Frida wand are that it's long enough to easily reach around your bump and the weighted handle makes it super easy to manipulate and guide into place. The wand also comes with a storage box with built-in mirror so you can sit comfortably and see exactly what you're doing. Made from soft medical grade silicone it is super hygienic, hypoallergenic and easy to clean. If you have multiple children this wand is going to get plenty of use and if it reduces tearing and the need for cutting it has already earned its place. We're not quite sure what you could use it for when the stretching is done and dusted though. Any suggestions? Answers on a postcard please...


Perneal Massage Facts:

  • Perineal massage can be done from week 35 of pregnancy until the baby is born.
  • Perineal massage can reduce the risk of perineal tears and reduce the sensations of burning and stinging during birth. It can also reduce the likelihood of needing to have an episiotomy.
  • Perineal massage is not advised if you have a low-lying placenta or you have a vaginal infection such as thrush or herpes.
  • Other devices to help stretch and soften the vagina in preparation for birth include the Epi-No Vaginal stretching ball and the Aniball which gently inflate inside the vagina.
  • You can perform a simple stretching exercise by gently inserting your fingers or thumbs around 3-5 cm into your vagina, and firmly pressing downwards and side-to-side, holding stretches for 45-60 seconds.
  • Your body is amazingly elastic and this softening and stretching will not be permanent.
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