Five ways to give up the dummy

Positive strategies to help your baby relinquish their soother without tears

Five ways to give up the dummy
  1. Pick The Right Time Start to restrict dummy use around six months old. Ideally dummies should be abandoned completely before your child starts to learn to speak as this will prevent speech problems
  2. Ease Your Child Off The Habit Start to restrict use by only offering a dummy at certain time, such as at bedtime or when he’s not well
  3. Give An Alternative Try to give your baby a new source of comfort: a cosy blanket; a new toy to cuddle; lots of hugs.
  4. Reward Him For Going Without Offer treats to younger babies, such as a drink or some juicy grapes. Set up a star chart for older babies and toddlers.
  5. Read The Last Noo-Noo The classic story of a monster who gives up his dummy by Jill Murphy (Walker Books).