The swish of taffeta and beating hearts are always part and parcel when a new series of Bridgerton comes out but did you know that the hit drama series has also brought about a resurgence of classic baby names? Daphne, Eloise and Penelope have all risen in popularity for girls, while Bridgerton boy names including Colin, Benedict and Anthony have also increased in popularity.

netflix bridgerton series 3
Penelope and Colin are both names that have risen in popularity since Bridgerton aired on Netflix

As series three unfolds, we're sure there will be more expecting families glued to the small screen and taking notes faster than Lady Whistledown. Would you consider Hyacinth, Violet or Simon as a name for your baby? We have to say we're pretty smitten. To give you some further reading on these Bridgerton inspired names, toy store Kiddie Kingdom have delved deeper into the three most popular baby names from the show. Pince-nez and fan at the ready while you read about the smartest names in the ton...

1. Daphne

Daphne Basset is the fourth Bridgerton child and the eldest daughter. She was the heroine of the first season and won the hearts of viewers through her romantic endeavours with the man of the moment, Simon Basset.

Although she only appeared in the first few series, her namesake has left a lasting impact. In 2021, there were 214 baby Daphnes born in England and Wales, which is an impressive 51% jump in the popularity of this baby name since Bridgerton first aired.

The name Daphne comes from Greek mythology, meaning “laurel tree." It originated from the story of Daphne, who was the daughter of a river god called Peneus. The story goes that Peneus saved Daphne from Apollo’s romantic obsession by turning her into a laurel tree.

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2. Eloise

Eloise Bridgerton, the fifth Bridgerton child, is an intelligent, bold, and rebellious character who is not interested in the debutante lifestyle.

It is unsurprising that Eloise has made it into the top three; it is the ninth most popular baby name on the Bridgerton list and has grown in popularity by 27%. Since Bridgerton began, the number of Eloise babies has gone from 386 to 492, showing the Bridgerton effect on this adorable name.

Eloise is a name of German origin meaning “famous warrior,” but it also derives from the French name Heloise.

3. Colin

Colin Bridgerton is the third Bridgerton child, best known as the love interest of Penelope Featherington, Colin’s sister Eloise’s best friend. Colin and Penelope are set to have the spotlight in season three as their former friendship blossoms into romance.

Colin came in as a close third-most trending Bridgerton-inspired name, with a 26% increase in popularity since Colin Bridgerton charmed viewers on screen. But the popularity of Colin across England and Wales remains relatively low. In 2021, a total of 34 baby Colins were born, and it ranked seventeenth most popular against the 20 Bridgerton-inspired baby names list.

The name Colin has two origins in both Gaelic and Old French. Colin is an anglicised version of the traditional Old Irish and Scottish Gaelic names Cuilen and Cailen, which mean “cub” or "whelp." In Old French, Colin is a diminutive of Col and a shortened Nicholas, which means “victory of the people.”

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