A wedding invite for children

That wedding invitation date is coming up and they've been kind enough to invite you and your kids to the big day. You’ve picked the perfect dress, now all you need to do is make sure the children behave impeccably and pack the truck load of baby paraphernalia needed to ensure the weekend runs smoothly. Easy, right?...


Here's our top tips on how to survive wedding season with your kids in tow:

1. Bring a spare outfit.

It may not be your favourite dress but you’ll be thankful to have it when the baby covers you in milk/vomit/food (delete where appropriate). If that’s not an option, why not bring a summer scarf? It would be perfect for hiding a multitude of stains.

2. Sit at the back

You may want to squeeze next to your pals in the front pews during the ceremony, but it’s always best to have a quick escape route. The same rule applies for the speeches. You’ll be happy you did when 'little Billy' starts bellowing for a biscuit just as the groom toasts his new bride.

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3. Don’t be afraid to palm your kids off on your pals

If the wedding is filled to the rafters with family and friends, use them. They're a valuable resource and could mean you'll even get to eat at least one of the courses hot and at the same time as everyone else!

4. Bring snacks

If in doubt, get the breadsticks out (or whatever your kid fancies). These will also be invaluable as a bribery tool if your kid starts kicking off, especially if they're not keen on the wedding menu. Just don't make the mistake of dishing out chocolate buttons, that's unless you want sticky chocolate fingers all over your new pastel dress.

5. Dress your kids in their cutest outfits

If your kids look adorable, fellow guests are far more likely to forgive any unfortunate meltdowns.

6. Treat your kids to a special wedding gift

Giving them a special treat before heading to the big day is a great tip. Say a wedding-themed sticker or colouring book or toy / small game they have been asking for. Not only will they be chuffed to receive a present, it may also keep them entertained for a bit. Bonus!

7. Don’t stress about nap time

If your kid sleeps during the day then that’s brilliant, but if they don’t, sod it. Enjoy the day as best you can without worrying too much about their usual routine. Just have fun!

8. Give Grandma a call


If you’re desperate for a child free weekend away, politely decline the kids invite, bag a babysitter and get supping at those bubbles. No one will blame you!