Are you ready to visit KIDZANIA?

At KidZania London children can explore a mini world all of their own.


KidZania London is a child-size city located in Westfield, Shepherd’s Bush spanning across 75,000 square feet - and where the kids are in charge! Have your kids ever dreamt of becoming a pilot, a firefighter or the next award winning singer?

Well at Kidzania you can watch the excitement on their faces as they try out these 'dreams' as well as more than 60 other real-life role-play activities like being a banker, dancing on stage, or fighting crime on the streets as a police officer!

Role-play has long been a favourite past-time - as well as a hugely important development skill for toddlers and young children. Here children will have to play harder; As they will have to work, earn and save up their Kidzos (Kidzania cash) from each activity in order to participate in some of the more popular sections and of course, to spend in the gift shop at the end!

Here's our tips to make the most of your day out.

  1. Booking tickets online in advance is the most cost-effective way to visit Kidzania. Here you will also find special offers and deals. You can also pre-book parking which saves time too.
  2. The best time to go in early in the day or the first morning slots - as it fills out pretty quickly around lunchtime and of course, at weekends.
  3. Try to organise and decide what you want to do and see before going. The 4-hour time slot allows for around 4-6 actives with a lunch/snack pitstop.
  4. Wear flat shoes or trainers - for both children and adults (there is a lot of standing around). Trousers/jeans, trainers and socks are required if children want to use the climbing wall.
  5. It does get warm inside when busy and as the kids are very active, it’s best for them to wear comfortable clothing and shoes that they won’t get too hot in. Therefore, travel light avoid taking to many bags, coats and extras for the most enjoyable experience.
  6. Arrive up to 15 minutes before your scheduled time to allow time to get through the main entrance and to the departure lounge reception. On arrival children will each be given 50 Kidzos and a hairnet, to be worn for some of the food and drink activities.
  7. Take a friend. Preferably for both you and your child. While there are plenty of spots for refreshment and sitting down, conversation outside of the 'workplaces' is a bit thin for adults. Groups of children can also be intimidating and solo children may suffer.
  8. If you do go with friend’s ensure you check-in as a group. This gives the adults more flexibility on checking in and out. As adults and children are all given an RFID bracelet and no child will be able to exit Kidzania without one of the adults who was present at check-in.
  9. Children aged 0-7 years must be with an adult at all times, whereas kids aged 8+ can go around and explore this mini city on their own. If you have a toddler with you, there is a small soft play area for them.
  10. If your children aged 8+ and staying on their own be sure to take a book or something to do for yourself! There is a couple of cafes to sit down, or you are allowed to leave Kidzania and head off into Westfield (ask about the discounts available if you do head out for a spot of shopping some are exclusive to Kidania customers). There is also an adults-only area in Kidzania called the Garden Shed, where you there is a couple of computers to use if you fancy catching up on life admin or to read a newspaper.
  11. When you finally enter Kidzania world try to go to Universally first. Here you will can gain a diploma which can also mean you can earn extra Kidzos on the other activities.
  12. On that note its wise for children to take a small purse, bumbag or cross body bag to keep there Kidzos safe as they are walking around.
  13. If you want to skip University and head straight in - then queue for the most popular activities first. This is usually the British Airways Aviation Academy, the Fire & Rescue Unit, The Hospital and A&E and Police Department. This will limit queue time and enable children to hopefully participate in more of the smaller queued activities afterwards.
  14. Also check the theatres/show times when you get there and the other scheduled activities that take place within your time slot - like the dance club, TV studio and radio station - so you can work out your timings.
  15. Do stop for lunch or a break. Kidzania can be exhausting and a little overwhelming for younger children (not to mention us adults!) There is plenty of places to stop and eat - and all those familiar brand eateries that should appeal to even the fussiest of eaters.
  16. And, if Kidzania is all too tempting visit on a Sunday and grown-ups can join in. As usually all the activities are for children only. 'Feel Good Family Sunday’s' is where grown-ups can join in many of the activities including the Heart Radio Station, join the postal company, or report the news with the Metro Newsdesk.

GOOD TO KNOW: Probably the only downside the Kidzania is the gift store at the end. As you cannot get much with the Kidzos - say 100K for a pencil. And, they probably in the 4 hr slot will have only earn that or a little more. So, best to prepare children they may not walk away with a game or toy - unless they save up their Kidzos to use on another visit. Plus when we visited (2017) we felt the selection wasn't as special as it could be.

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