When Junior was invited to experience a sleepover at Warwick Castle we didn't know what to expect. Would there be cobwebs, ghosts and things that go bump in the night?


Anyone with a nervous disposition will be pleased to know that the sleepover part was actually in The Knight's Village, a sweet enclave of wooden lodges linked by wooden walkways, set in the grounds of the Castle and formed around a welcoming Medieval themed banqueting hall. A place that makes kids grin from ear to ear and crucially gives parents the promise of good food and a comfortable night's sleep in a grand looking double bed. No whistling corridors or creaking suits of armour in sight. Although it has to be said the suits of armour and medieval weaponry inside the castle are spectacular!

Family at Warwick Castle copy
Heading towards the double portcullis and everything this amazing castle has in store...
The Mound (1) copy
There are spectacular views and walks in the grounds
Lifestyle (60) copy
Kids can run about outside the lodges and practise their archery
lodge inside
The Medieval themed interior of the smaller lodge which sleeps up to 5

Having enjoyed a jam-packed day touring the castle and the grounds, marvelling over four poster beds, incredible suits of armour - even the horses were kitted out- and taking in a fabulous birds of prey display, meeting princesses in the Princess Tower and finding their way around the ingenious Horrible Histories maze, our children were more than ready to recharge their batteries in our five bed lodge.

After a warm welcome at the Knight's Village reception, the children found their energy again and raced along the raised wooden walkways to find our lodge, which was well appointed with a spacious shower room and comfortable beds with pristine linen. And thankfully, for a crisp February visit, it was cosy and warm! No chilly nights or knights here! The lodge was divided into two bedrooms with a double bed in the main room and a bunk room with a bunk bed and trundle. We were pleased to find a spacious cupboard that fitted all our luggage and coats too.

After a quick tea and biscuit break in the lodge, which also has a kettle (hooray!) it was time for a treasure hunt and then the best part, time to meet some jousting knights. Two hilarious knights kept the kids entranced for hours, teaching them sword fighting skills and then taking the floor in the banquet hall to entertain us with their fencing skills while we ate. After pudding (sticky toffee) it was time for birthday announcements (there were plenty of kids there celebrating their birthdays with a sleepover as well as a 60th birthday party!) and a bed-time story with the brilliant Knights.

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Then it was back to the lodge, along the now cleverly lit walkways and we have to say no one protested when it was time to go to sleep. All in all a great day out, with plenty of fresh air, fascinating history, wildlife, architecture and fun all topped off with a brilliant knight themed sleepover. We loved it.

The Horrible Histories themed maze.
The Horrible Histories themed maze.

>> All day entry to Warwick Castle plus a night's stay over in the Knight's Village including breakfast starts at £219


All details can be found on the Warwick Castle website here>>