Mori meets Pepper Pig

It's no secret that here at Junior we often shy away from featuring 'character' clothing and accessories - it has to be pretty special to pass the Junior seal of approval. Call us boring, but we prefer more classic, nostalgic and well, less 'in your face' motifs. So, when we spotted the new MORI x Peppa Pig range we were, for want of a better word, 'squealing' with delight that finally someone had got it so right. With the much-loved pig turning 20 next year, we expect to see a lot more collaborations but for now here's a look at the super cute MORI collection.

Peppa Pig Ribbed Top & Flares Outfit, £40
George Pig Organic Cotton Sweatshirt, £28
Peppa Pig Clever Zip Sleepsuit_footless_A
Peppa Pig Clever Zip Sleepsuit, £34.50

Using the lightest touch, Junior favourite MORI, the award winning sustainable baby brand has brought a whole new dimension to the Peppa Pig branding, with their range of adorable organic baby suits, sleep suits, pyjamas and daywear, not to mention the cutest baby towel ever, all for 0–6-year olds. MORI x Peppa Pig blends a charming and muted signature print of Peppa Pig and her little brother George, set amongst suns, moons and stars. We especially love the George oversized sweatshirt (above), made from organic cotton, showing George pictured with his cherished friend ‘Mr. Dinosaur’, the Peppa Pig reversible jacket, which features the signature print on one side, with a contrasting blush stripe ribbed fabric on the reverse and we have to give the blush bath towel, complete with cute 3D piggy ears and snout on the hood another mention. Just too cute!

We’re extremely honoured to partner with Hasbro on the Peppa Pig by MORI collection. Our creative team have had such fun bringing Peppa Pig and George to life in a collection designed to capture the imaginations of little ones, while paying homage to the hit TV series which has been delighting pre-schoolers for almost two decades. The new collection represents a great synergy between our two brands and we’re excited to unveil the new designs which we’re sure will be loved by parents and children alike.
Akin Onal, MORI founder
Peppa Pig Pyjamas, from £34.50
Peppa Pig Reversible Jacket, £46.50
Peppa Pig Hooded Kids Bath Towel, £35.50

> The MORI X Peppa Pig collection is available now and prices start at £19.

MORE PEPPA: We also love the Peppa Pig X Bamboo Bamboo collection

PPXBB_Cutlery and plates

Junior Design Award winning eco tableware brand Bamboo Bamboo - known for its signature suction plates and bowls - has also teamed up with the brother and sister duo to launch a new limited edition collection. These natural bamboo range of animal plates, toddler cups and suction bowls are famed for its cool shapes and designs - that are resistant to cracks, chips, and breaks and can be easily washed with warm soapy water. The Peppa and George collection features a Peppa Pig face suction plate, suction bowl and spoon, sip cup all trimmed with a soft pink silicone, and a new 4-piece cutlery set. Whereas the George Pig set is trimmed in a sky blue silicone. All perfect for pancakes, spaghetti and chocolate cake (if you know, you know).

Peppa Pig X Bamboo Bamboo Bundle, from £41
George Pig X Bamboo Bamboo Bundle, from £41

> The Peppa Pig x Bamboo Bamboo Limited collection is available now and prices start at £9.99

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