Happy 50th Anniversary Tripp Trapp!

When Norwegian furniture designer, Peter Opsvik first invented the Stokke Tripp Trapp back in 1972, little did he know that he had created a design icon that would become a much loved piece of family furniture in millions of homes for decades to come. The best designs are usually created in response to a practical need and this is definitely the case here. When his son Tor was two years old, Opsvik was frustrated that he couldn't find him a seat that really enabled him to sit comfortably at table height and truly connect with everyone at mealtimes, so he built one himself.


By fulfilling that simple need, Opsvik changed the way we look at children ́s seating, creating a chair that would truly give children of all ages a comfortable, ergonomic seat at the table. Hitting the nail on the head from the get go (so to speak!) the existing high chair design that grows with your child from babyhood to primary school years, is virtually unchanged from the very first prototype and the name Opsvik gave the chair, remains the same too. In fact, the name Tripp Trapp derives from that well-known children's fairytale Three Billy Goats Gruff and refers to the 'trip trap' noise that the goats made as they crossed the bridge, referencing the sound of little feet climbing the wooden steps of the high chair!

Peter Opsvik and his sons sitting in their Tripp Trapps.

Gaining over 10,000 5-star reviews and countless celebrity fans, including Kim Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Cristiano Ronaldo, Stacey Solomon, Mrs Hinch, Joe Wicks and Vogue Willams to name but a few, the chair's sleek minimalist design fits into every home and parents love the fact that this long lasting, sustainably made seat, can be handed down through generations.

Opsvik’s ambition, when designing the Tripp Trapp® chair in 1972, was to make one chair that could comfortably seat all ages at the same table. By reducing the height difference between small children and their parents and allowing them to sit together at eye level, families could find it easier to interact, making life around the table more enjoyable.

To celebrate the birthday of the chair that grows with the child, Stokke is offering a beautiful, limited edition anniversary collection of the Tripp Trapp in Ash, which was chosen for its quality and rich grain. The densely veined wood of the ash tree reveals multi-dimensional rings in a swirled marble effect that creates a unique pattern for each chair, ensuring that every Trip Trapp is a limited edition, one one-of-a-kind - almost as unique as the child sitting in it! Limited to a run of 1,500 pieces, they feature a 50th anniversary embossed stamp and a special limited edition baby cushion.

A wonderful marker of the year your child was born or started their weaning journey.

> The Limited Edition Ash Tripp Trapp, £235 is available HERE>>

%0 years designing the chair that grows with the child

We'd like to say a big thank you to Peter Opsvik and his now very grown up son and wish the Stokke Tripp Trapp a very many happy returns!

Peter Opsvik posing on a jumbo Tripp Trapp!
The Limited Edition 50th anniversary Tripp Trapp with newborn baby pod.