When you discover maternity underwear that you'd actively choose to wear pregnant, breast-feeding or not, you know there's something special about it. When Junior first laid eyes on Jorgen House's uniquely soft pieces in cool contemporary colours and the softest stretch fabrics, we were extremely impressed. Add in the clever zip fastenings, easy-to-adjust, comfortable bra straps and magnetic gusset closures on their body suits and we were completely smitten.


It is little wonder that this range of underwear and leggings is so well thought out. The brains behind the brand is Leah Jorgensen, the designer who helped create Beyoncé's hugely successful Ivy Park sportswear collection as well as other surf and sports brands. The fabric technology and cuts that work so well for bodies in movement have been applied here, to the ever-changing state of the female form, working with it - not against it, as Leah puts it. Finding great maternity underwear lacking when she had her own children, Leah decided to create her own sustainable range, that women would want to wear long after the maternity phase was over.

We go through so many different sizes in our adult life, whether that’s down to pregnancy or purely changing body shapes during womanhood, yet we expect our clothing to fit us comfortably throughout these ever evolving states. My body shape fluctuated throughout my pregnancies, and my clothing just wasn’t designed to adapt throughout these changes. The maternity wear pieces I bought didn’t work for me after my babies were born and I didn’t have the desire to continue wearing them either.
Leah Jorgensen.

All the pieces in the Jorgen House collection show an innate understanding of the female form and are wonderfully supportive and adaptive but perhaps the best example of Leah's hands-on design ethos is the Magnetic Bodysuit. Knowing how tricky it was to breast-feed without exposing your stomach, she included a breast-feeding friendly all-in-one in the collection so that no matter how much you have to pull up your top or how wriggly your baby is, your tummy stays covered and warm, while the magnetic closures mean no faffing when you go to the loo!

Consider us impressed.

Here's a closer look at Jorgen House...

> Maternity Sports Legging, £80; Maternity Sports Bra, £80

> Maternity Sports Legging, £80

> Magnetic Bodysuit, £110


> Lounge Bra, £60

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