First created in 1972, the Tripp Trapp® is an absolute design classic so it makes perfect sense that this stunning, heirloom highchair should be hewn from timeless, responsibly sourced oak. The inherent warmth and distinctive grain of oak lends itself perfectly to the clean lines of the Tripp Trapp® and this particularly robust wood is tough enough to survive all the knocks and scrapes of the most hectic family home.


One of the best things about this beautiful mellow wood is that not only does each piece create a truly unique item of furniture but it improves over time, developing a wonderful softness and patina that shows its quality as it ages, creating a perfect synergy with two of Tripp Trapp®’s core values - longevity and quality.

A family of four

The Tripp Trapp® chair was conceived by Norwegian designer Peter Opsvik, who was frustrated to find that when his son Tor had grown out of his highchair there wasn’t another interim chair that would allow him to sit comfortably at table height with other members of the family. And the rest is history!

Now Tripp Trapp® gives children of all ages, from newborn up, a comfortable, ergonomic seat at the table. Over the last four decades, more than 12 million children around the world have enjoyed their meals and grown up using the iconic Tripp Trapp® chair. It’s safe to say that this single purchase chair that adapts to every stage of a child’s life has definitely become part of the furniture in the best possible way.


As well as being a beautiful piece of Scandinavian design, a Tripp Trapp® chair has so many practical details that make it one of the most baby and family-friendly pieces of furniture we’ve seen. Its intelligent, adjustable design gives great security while allowing freedom of movement with both a depth and height adjustable seat and footplates. This unrivalled adjustability ensures that your child is in a comfortable seating position at any age and can interact in safety and comfort, close to you at the family table.

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Tripp Trapp Oak Brown Highchair

The fact that Stokke® have such strong ethical values is another hugely positive aspect of the Tripp Trapp® story. As well as being a product that is biodegradable and made for life rather than just for babyhood, the care and attention that this brand pay to sustainability and ethical production is heartening.

The wood used for Tripp Trapp® chairs is traceable back to the forest from which it is derived and all suppliers must comply with strict rules based on long term forest management plans. Production is also local to the wood supply in various locations in Europe. Tripp Trapp® cushions are even dyed with fallen acorn extract to minimise harmful chemicals used in their production!

Acorn extracts are used for dyeing Stokke highchair

This is truly a brand that not only makes families’ lives easier and more stylish but puts an emphasis on leaving a lighter mark on the environment, a better future for our planet and the long-term wellbeing of our children. An icon in every sense.


>> To find out more information on Stokke highchairs and to purchase the new Oak Tripp Trapp® which is available for £189, please visit Stokke.