The Elf on the Shelf celebrates its sweet sixteenth year in the UK!

The Elf on the Shelf is a bit like Marmite. You either love it or hate it. Either way there is no getting away from this festive tradition come December 1st - or, for the Americans among us straight after Thanksgiving.


For those that don't know the The Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition started in 2005 - so, 16 years ago - with a picture book written by Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell, and illustrated by Coë Steinwart. The book tells a Christmas-themed story, written in rhyme, that explains how Santa Claus knows who is naughty and nice. It describes elves visiting children from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve, after which they return to the North Pole until the next holiday season.

Stylish Elf on the Shelf fashions and accessories

For those wanting to join in the elf antics you can 'adopt' your own small scout elf with a The Elf on the Shelf keepsake box (set costs £21.99) that also comes with a hardbound copy of the story book. Alongside this there is a whole host of ever-growing props, outfits and accessories to help your scout elf return each day. ADULTS ONLY: (This involves 'you' moving your Elf around the house for your children to find them in the morning. They can be as good or as bad as you choose with their antics!)

Therefore we've rounded up the most stylish 'Elf Extras' from Santa's store and beyond to help your style your Elf on the Shelf scenes for those 'shelfies' - as children believe in Santa’s scout elves just as fiercely as they believe in Santa - so do follow our golden rules (below) for keeping the magic alive!

Coming to a Shelf near You: Extra props, outfits and accessories for your Elf on the Shelf


>> Dancing Dreams! With special MagiFreez™ design to give your Scout Elves super standing power to ensure he/she is a a super twirler this Christmas! Claus Couture Collection Tiny Tidings Tutu, £9.99 (new for 2021)

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Santa’s Fashion Instructions: Simply place clothes where you Scout Elf can see it, and he/she will put it on before the nightly flight to the North Pole.


>> Snow Day! Your scout elf will be ready to help clear the path (or, the shelf) in this cosy hoodie and shovel set. Claus Couture Collection Snow Day Shovel n Play Set, £9.99 (new for 2021)


>> Camp Out! The perfect way to set up a cosy scene with a sleeping bag and campfire set - and why not pop a mini marshmallow on a cocktail stick for a true camping experience! Camp Scout Elf printable, DOWNLOAD HERE

Stylish Elf on the Shelf fashions and accessories

>> Coffee Time: Starbucks do a collection of Christmas decorations that are the perfect size for your elf when they need their caffeine fix. Starbucks Christmas Hanging Ornament Decoration from £8 (in store)


>> Set the Scene: This set of five backdrops including a Christmas car ride, elf salon, beach, gamer and campout scene for elves help you create instant playful (and IG ready) elf scenarios! Scout Elf Gamer. Elves at Play Insta-Moment Pops ups (5 PACK), £11.99

Stylish Elf on the Shelf fashions and accessories

>> Do you wanna build a... Gingerbread house? You can with this cute (and easy) downloadable craft from the official Elf on the Shelf site DOWNLOAD HERE


>> Elf Care: If you scout elf is feeling a little under the weather and needed to sit on the shelf for a little longer than expected (* we won't tell) or maybe your elf got 'touched' and had a tumble? Then this set should be in your First Elf Kit! Claus Couture Collection Elf Care Kit, £9.99 (new for 2021)

elf pizza set

>> Family pizza night: Have your elf join the fun with this elf shirt or the 3-piece elf sized pizza set. Pizza Elf Prop Set, from £10, Anns Craft House at Etsy

>>Festive Footprints: Place them strategically around the house using icing sugar, cinnamon, or flour (just make sure not to permanently stain the carpet!) Elf Shaped Christmas Footprint Stencil, £3.99, Ginger Ray
Stylish Elf on the Shelf fashions and accessories

>>Soft Landings: Welcome back your Scout Elf with inflatable holiday plane (includes activity pack with ideas, props and accessories for additional fun) Scout Elves at Play Peppermint Plane Ride, £11.99 or, why not arrive in style in this Scout Elves at Play Peppermint Balloon Ride, £11.99


>> Easy scenes: Complete your Elf scene with these amazing one of a kind scene setter props form Etsy. Easy to set up and the kids will love seeing their scout at McElves, Elfbucks and ElfRobbins. This store also has a great selection of clothes and dress-up outfits. McElves Elf Props, from £16, Yaris Crafty Corner at Etsy

hipster set for elf on the shelf

>> Hipster Elf: This set is ideal for too cool for school elves with special MagiFreez™ on the trousers (special pants and shoes that make your elf stand). Finish the look with a matching scarf and glasses. Claus Couture Collection Holiday Hipster, £9.99 (new for 2021)

Stylish Elf on the Shelf fashions and accessories

>>Elf for an Elf: Maybe your Scout Elf would like their own elf! This mini Elf comes form the Worlds Smallest Toys brand - and, we love it! Worlds Smallest Toys Elf on the Shelf £11.99

The Elf on the Shelf Golden Rules for keeping the Christmas Spirit Alive!

While all children know The Elf on the Shelf’s rules, it’s important for grown-ups to get to know them, too! Please remember these helpful tips for preserving the scout elves’ magic this Christmas... (and for setting up those daily scenes!)


  1. Please Don’t Touch the Scout Elves.When you do, they lose their Christmas magic and are unable to fly to the North Pole to complete their duties. Children know this to be one of the cardinal rules of the North Pole, and they worry when they think one of their North Pole friends has been touched and lost his or her magic.
  2. Elves Are Not Mischievous or Naughty. Scout elves like to have fun, but they are never mischievous or naughty—they are always nice! After all, they wouldn’t want to end up on Santa’s naughty list. You will never see an elf partake in anything inappropriate—it’s just not the North Pole way.
  3. Scout Elves Don’t Like Pins, Needles or Anything Sharp. An authentic North Pole scout elf never has anything pinned, stapled or fastened to it—think how much that would hurt!
  4. Scout Elves Never Land Next to Lights or Flames. Just like you, scout elves like to keep a safe distance from fire while they’re roasting marshmallows and from the glimmering lights on the Christmas tree to avoid getting burned. If you notice a scout elf has landed too close to a flame or light, just let him know so he can fly to a new spot!
  5. Elves Move Themselves by Flying Each Night. Children know that scout elves use their Christmas magic to fly wherever they need to go. Please refrain from saying things like someone “moved the elf.” If someone moved them they would lose their magic!
  6. Families Don’t Buy Elves, They Adopt Them. Santa approved Official Scout Elf Adoption Centers across the world as a way for families to welcome scout elves into their homes. 


>> For more information please visit the official The Elf on the Shelf website