Storybook Heroes No 9: Mog

Meet the brilliant fictional characters who have become timeless classics in the world of children's books

Storybook Heroes No 9: Mog

Storybook Heroes No 9: MogNAME Mog

BORN  1970

DEFINING MOMENT  “Once there was a cat called Mog and she lived with a family called Thomas. Mog was nice but not very clever. She didn’t understand a lot of things. A lot of other things she forgot. She was a very forgetful cat.”


  •  She’s a dopey old thing, who’s accident-prone and very forgetful.
  • Judith Kerr’s illustrations have a kitsch Seventies’ feel with A-line skirts, kinky boots and mummies with flicked-up hairdos.
  • Mog is always getting into scrapes, but the worst anyone in the family ever says is “Bother that cat!”


READ MORE: Mog by Judith Kerr is published by HarperCollins.