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Organic Zoo x Pim Pam launch limited edition reusable swim nappy collection

Want to see the cutest ever eco-friendly reusable swim nappies? Step this way...

Pim Pam x OZ copy

When we heard that stylish and sustainable kids label Organic Zoo had collaborated with JDA winning reusable nappy brand Pim Pam, we were very, very excited. We couldn’t think of two more visually stylish and ethically minded brands that we would love to see working together.


And we weren’t disappointed. These nappies and their coordinating separates are just squeal-out-loud cute and we know that any baby or toddler wearing them will be cooed over endlessly by pool or beach. This collaboration really is a meeting of two environmentally-conscious minds and both brand founders were excited to work with each other.

We believe in a simpler, kinder world for our children to enjoy and inherit, therefore we are excited to collaborate with Pim Pam and promote a product that offers a moresustainable lifestyle to our customers.
Paulina Krzywosinska, founder of Organic Zoo

Aless Baylis, who founded Pim Pam in 2020, echoes this with her words,

Organic Zoo is a beacon of the children's clothing industry and we've been a fan for a really long time. We didn't think twice when the opportunity arose to collaborate with a brandthat values design and sustainability as much as we do

Organic Zoo only uses eco-friendly fabrics and ethical production chains for its clothing, while Pim Pam are devoted to decreasing landfill with their much more sustainable alternative to disposable nappies. Made from recycled polyester, crafted from plastic bottles and a responsibly grown bamboo liner, these nappies are not only sustainably produced but they are made with comfort and practicality in mind too – a snug fit around the legs ensures that no leakages make their way into those crystal clear waters and the nappies are also machine washable at 40 degrees. Pim Pam advise that these nappies can either be worn alone as swimwear or under a swimming costume or shorts but we think that would be crazy – these swim nappies need to be on show!



The sizing ranges from newborn to 2 years+ across four different sizes: XS (5-7kgs), S (7-9kgs), M (9-12kgs) and L (12-16kgs). Launches March 2022.

>>  Available from Organic Zoo and Pim Pam