The Best Christmas Stockings You Can Use Year After year!

Never underestimate the joy of being reunited with your Christmas stocking. Memories of candy canes, treasured gifts and the excitement of getting ready for Santa are all wrapped up in this capacious Christmas sock. Choose well and your children will have the same faithful stocking hanging by the fire or on that bed post for many, many years. They might even pass them down to their kids!


Here are our favourite keepsake stockings that will last the distance and keep kids smiling whenever they're pulled out of that Christmas drawer.

resized anthro

>> Winifred Embroidered Shearling Christmas Stocking, £50, Anthropologie

res kate owen

>> Pagliacci Stocking, £85, Kate Owen

resize stocking etsy

>> Vintage Hand Quilted 6 Point Star Quilt Christmas Stocking, from a selection from £70.87 + postage, Etsy ** This one is from America so order early!

liewood cut out

>> Liewood Ivory Embroidered Stocking, £38, Childrensalon

liberty res

>> Wiltshire Christmas Stocking, £29.95, Liberty

resized fiona walker

Mistletoe Stocking, £34.95, Fiona Walker England

res block print

Large Block Print quilted stocking, £50, The Charpoy

ferm living res

Vela Christmas Stocking, £29, Ferm Living

velvet res

Ernestine Velvet Christmas Stocking, £42, Anthropologie

res etsy

Green & Velvet Studio Christmas stocking - Blue with yellow patchwork star, £35, Etsy

res cox and cox

Candy Stripe Stocking, £35, Cox & Cox