Visit Miffy's World with her all new app launching today!

Pre-schoolers will love going on a daily adventure with the iconic white rabbit

Published: March 8, 2017 at 3:30 pm

For over 60 years Miffy has delighted children young and old with her simple, everyday adventures.


So, today is a big day for the iconic white bunny - who was created by late Dutch author Dick Bruna in 1955 to entertain his son on a rainy seaside holiday in Holland - as Miffy is finally getting a brand new interactive app 'Miffy's World'.

'Miffy's World' is based on the ever popular TV series 'Miffy's Adventures: Big and Small' which airs on Tiny Pop - this new app allows children under 5 years to spend the day with Miffy and play along in her everyday activities.

And, who wouldn't want to spend the day with Miffy?

From waking her up in the morning and making a cake with mummy rabbit to picking fruit from a tree and doing a spot of gardening kids will delight as they learn.

Using the same iconic bold colours means the app is as distinctive as the classic storybook illustrations. It has been designed to build early cognitive development as well as inspiring creativity, encouraging self-expression and helping to improve fine motor skills.


Miffy's World for iOS (and soon Google Play) has been developed by StoryToys and is priced £3.99 and is available now from the App Store HERE>>


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