Speedy Beauty Treatment for tired and busy parents

When you're feeling exhausted, stuck in a rut and your beauty routine has gone out the window, a well-chosen beauty salon treatment could really give you a lift and help you look and feel like your old self. We know what you're thinking. How am I going to leave my little one long enough for a luxurious treatment? Breast feeding schedules, finding a babysitter and paying a babysitter hardly make it seem worthwhile...


But wait, we've found four brilliant quick-fix beauty treatments that will not only make you look and feel better instantly but are so quick you'll easily be able to bribe a friend or relative to hold the fort while you sit down for just half an hour. You could even bring a friend with you to look after baby while you nip in and out.

Treatment: Mesotherapy at Vaishaly Clinic

  • Location: 51 Paddington St, London
  • Treatment time: 30 minutes
  • Cost: From £225
  • To Book: Vaishaly

What is it? Dubbed the “skin booster” Mesotherapy is a non-surgical treatment which immediately delivers hydration and aids anti-ageing through a series of nano-injections. It's great for diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, reducing pigmentation, healing acne and helping perk up tired eyes and dark circles. A great treatment if you want an instant boost for an event like a wedding, birthday party or christening...

Vaishaly in treatment room - high res copy

Why you need it: If you want instantly plump dewy skin that last for a good few weeks, less fine lines and eyes that don't look so land of the living dead, then this is great option for you. We'd say it's especially great for anyone attending a special event where they want to bring back a glow to their complexion.

JUNIOR Recommends: We had our treatment with skincare legend Vaishaly Patel at her Marylebone clinic who is a skilful practitioner of Mesotherapy, which delivers microscopic quantities of a powerful bespoke blend of hyaluronic acid, vitamins, amino acids and minerals into your skin using the Nappage technique, which is a tapping motion on the surface of the skin with an incredibly fine needle. It works on the basis of intense hydration and stimulating fresh skin cells to replace aged or damaged ones, leaving you with a firmer, more toned and radiant complexion.

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Vaishaly is a huge advocate of this treatment and regularly uses the technique on herself. In her capable hands we lay on a couch where she applied a numbing cream to the sensitive areas of our face and then got on with the Nappage injections. When you hear the word injection you might be put off by this treatment but this felt more like tiny pin pricks on the skin and at times felt like a super gentle scratching with a toothpick.

Result: Thrilled! After our treatment our skin looked a little flushed but nothing that would make anyone stop and stare. By the time we got home any redness had gone and our skin looked and felt great especially around our eyes and lips where Vaishaly had concentrated her attention the most. The following day we could see an even more obvious glow and our skin definitely felt smoother and plumper to the touch. We could see the results for at least a month afterwards.

Treatment: The Light Salon Brightening Collagen Boost Treatment

  • Locations: Harvey Nichols, Selfridges (both in London)
  • Treatment Time: 30 Minutes
  • Cost: £70
  • Book: The Light Salon

What is it? This is an advanced LED treatment with the addition of a hydrating mask and lifting massage. Described as a 30-minute maintenance treatment for the time-conscious, combining advanced LED to renew at a cellular level, a hydrogel mask for instant luminosity and a facial massage to define and lift the complexion, it's the perfect choice for new mums.

light salon

Why you need it: Even though this is a relatively short treatment, the attention and care you receive when you sit down for the treatment makes you feel very relaxed from the get go. A quick cleanse followed by skilful facial massage that makes you want to fall asleep, sets you up for a 20 minute session under the special The Light Salon LED lights that wrap around your face delivering skin healing , mood boosting LED rays. The Hydrogel mask is applied before you go under the light and is activated by the LED rays leaving you with a wonderful glow when it's removed. We recommend wearing the optional eye mask underneath the LED lights for optimum R and R.

JUNIOR Recommends: We love the fact that The Light Salon are based in Harvey Nichols and Selfridges meaning that you can play a day out with a friend or relative who can look after baby while you're having your treatment and then you can shop and have a bite to eat together. Heaven.

Result: Mood Boost, glowing skin and feeling relaxed.

Treatment: The Blow Dry at Harrods

  • Locations: Harrods, Knightsbridge, London, H beauty Milton Keynes, Lakeside, Edinburgh and Bristol.
  • Treatment Time: 45 mins
  • Cost: £50
  • To Book: Drybar Blow Dry Salon

What is it? Essentially, it's a hair salon appointment without the time commitment. Drybar is an elevated blow-dry experience featuring just the best parts - a deep-cleansing wash, a blowout and a dreamy head massage thrown in for good measure - all done in under 45 minutes. Exclusive to Harrods and H beauty, appointments are ideal for a spontaneous date night, a mums' night out or just because you need a quick pick-me-up or pamper.

Drybar salon Harrods

Why you need it: Having someone else wash and dry you hair is a real luxury. Throw in a hot coffee that you can actually finish and you'll feel like a new woman. After a deep wash and proper blowout your hair can still look fabulous for days afterwards, saving you time and energy. And, if you're really short on time or baby is napping then you can pop in for a 20-minute quickie service! Arrive with clean, dry hair and the salon can give you a style injection by adding waves, braids, curls or straightening. (prices start at £35).

JUNIOR Recommends: Possibly the most relaxed 45 minutes you can have with your clothes on! The head massage was especially stress-reliving. The blow dry lasted a good 4-5 days - we just grabbed their Detox Original Dry Shampoo, £18 to keep it freshened later in the week. We'd also recommend The Sweet Lemonade - a wash, dry and style for children aged 10 and under - perfect if you have a little one to entertain too.

Results: Same time next week?

  • Locations: London, Tunbridge Wells, Kingston Upon Thames, Manchester, Newcastle, Paris, New York
  • Treatment Time: 30 mins (requires patch test 48 hour prior)
  • Cost: £115
  • To Book: Blink Brow Bar

What is it? A brow consultation from the experts followed by a Brow Shape & Lash Lift, finished off with a relaxing Brow Pinching Treatment. A great way to frame the face, open up the eyes and look more awake! The massage is wonderfully relaxing and tension busting too so, all-in-all this is a great option for anyone feeling a tad jaded.

bbb threading

Why you need it: Our BBB expert was really thorough asking us exactly what kind of brow look we were after and showing us exactly where she thought we should emphasise our arches. Once we had decided, it was time for a quick threading, removing any stray hairs that didn't fit the brief. We hadn't plucked our brows for months so there was quite a lot of work to do and the threading did make us sneeze. Once done, our brows looked the best they have ever looked and we swore we would never leave it so long again.

JUNIOR RECOMMENDS: After the brow shape we sat back for the lash lift (basically a lash perm) which made us look even more wide-eyed and dare we say it, awake! Then we enjoyed our eyebrow pinching massage which felt incredibly soothing. The massage is delicate yet thorough, using Ayurvedic principles to awaken the senses, relax and uplift all at the same time. We left feeling wonderfully groomed and like our brows had been gently un-knitted. The eyebrows lasted for weeks the massage until we put the key in the front-door...


Results: Instantly chic and lifted brows that made us feel pulled together and look more awake. The lashes make such a difference too!