Ten simple ways to attract wildlife this spring

Spring is sprung and wildlife is abundant. Here’s how to attract an assortment of creatures to your garden

Ten ways to attract wildlife this spring

1. Leave a pile of wood in a shady spot It’ll make a home for ladybirds, beetles and centipedes, and toads will also love the shelter.


2. Provide some water An upturned bin lid or a sunken washing bowl with sloping sides provides easy access for small creatures and birds.

3. Make a compost heap Compost is not only great for recycling and for the soil, but also as shelter for useful creatures like the slug-hunting slow worm.

4. Sow a wild flower meadow Or you can just allow a patch of grass to grow to encourage all manner of creatures to your garden.

5. Plant flowers to attract bees and butterflies Lavender, thyme, buddleia and sedum all encourage pollination.

6. Leave out hedgehog and badger food Buy some special food from your local pet shop – bread and milk is not their natural diet.

7. Provide food and water for birds A birdbath or box with food and water is the perfect way to entice an array of feathered friends.

8. Leave some areas undisturbed Piles of cuttings, leaves and twigs will shelter frogs, mice and hedgehogs.

9. Create a haven for bugs Placing a small piece of corrugated iron or plastic on the ground will provide the ideal home for insects.


10. Plant a tree A mature tree is more important to wildlife than any other single factor. It will provide shade, food and security from predators.