Founded in 1999, Caramel creates childrenswear, womenswear and homewares. Founder and director Eva Karayiannis has always had a penchant for design and her understated sophistication, refined simplicity, functionality and an extraordinary attention to detail have ensured the everlasting success of this luxury brand.


Hello Eva. Where were you born and brought up?

I was born in Cyprus, but brought up in Athens.

Do you have brothers and sisters? If so, can you tell me a bit about them?

I have a twin brother, we are very close but have very different personalities!

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What were your favourite pastimes as a child?

I loved to dance! I used to lock myself in my room, turn the music up and dance for hours on end. Also, as a family we used to gather on the beach at dusk and play hide and seek as the sun set.

What did you want to be when you grew up?

A doctor.

Junior Meets: Eva, founder of Caramel Baby & Child
Eva and her family

Do you have any particularly funny childhood memories?

I never had a trampoline as a child so would use my parents bed. I managed to go through several mattresses! My brother and I where always playing truth or dare, which often got us into sticky situations!

What was your favourite thing to wear as a child?

I loved to dress up and every year I would get an wonderful dress to wear for carnival celebrations.

Do you have children? If so, how do you like to dress them? Or do they dress themselves?

I have two teenage daughters, Kiki and Chloe, and a son Ari who is two. The girls obviously would never let me choose what they wear, and have very different styles. I like Ari to be comfortable and casual, I dress him in relaxed over sized jumpers so he can run about and play.

What’s your family life like?


How did you get into what you do?

I have always loved childrenswear, the pieces are so intricate and beautiful, but really I just began to explore my ideas sat at my kitchen table, sourcing artisan knitwear and garments from independent craftsmen. This helped me realise my aesthetic and from there I began designing myself and Caramel slowly evolved into what it is today.

Junior Meets: Eva, founder of Caramel Baby & Child

What do you do in your spare time?

I love to relax at home and build puzzles with my son.

Can you tell me three interesting facts about yourself

  • I trained as a lawyer.
  • I love to watch basketball.
  • I love to people watch and absorb my surroundings.

Do you have any unfulfilled dreams?

I would love to revisit India, the last time I was there was 22 years ago and I would love to see how it has changed. Thank you, Eva!


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