Five GREEN ways to stay warm and toasty

Before you crank up the heating follow these eco tips on keeping children warm


1 Layer up
Vests, T-shirts, shirts, jumpers and tights or leggings under trousers will all help to keep out the chill and will feel less restrictive for your child than a single chunky piece of clothing. Natural fabrics, such as wool and cotton are preferable to synthetic ones as they allow the skin to breathe.


2 Use a blanket
Whether he is reading a book or watching television, your child can get really warm and snug on the sofa with a thick blanket.

3 Cosy together
Body heat is a great way to keep warm, so get close to your child and cuddle up together.

4 Have a cuppa
Hot drinks and steaming bowls of soup are excellent environmentally friendly ways to stay warm and negate the need to turn up the central heating.


5 Eat heartily
Who can resist a delicious, nutritious, slow-cooked stew that fills the house with its aroma while keeping the kitchen warm and cosy?