WHO: Spots & Stripes

WHAT: An earth-friendly and award-winning brand, formulated for the unique needs of tween/ teen skin.

WHY: Spots & Stripes step in when those baby/child formulas don’t cut it anymore, with fun-looking products for skin and hair that are highly natural, super gentle and actually work. Created by a mother of a teen and a tween, with a background in beauty (so she knows her stuff!). She saw a gap in the market when she couldn’t find the skin and body care her 12-year-old needed once she’d grown out of her baby/child products. “I’d been very careful about what I’d used on her skin - using products that were natural and earth-friendly. But, I found there was nothing to bridge the gap between the baby/child products and the teen-acne and adult products that were too harsh for her delicate skin.”So, she decided to create the products herself. She convinced one of the UK’s best natural manufacturers to take her on. She tested the formulas on her daughters and their friends. After two years, Spots & Stripes was born. The cool packaging, sustainably sourced ingredients and the products targeting the needs of both girls' and boys' skin really impressed the panel who were even more excited when they gave these products a sniff! Gorgeous indulgent scents that aren’t too strong but have a real feel good factor about them. Also, top marks for introducing a new SPF for young skin too.

A wonderfully sustainable range of skincare that smells incredible and most importantly works! Perfect for when break-outs start appearing and washes need to get a bit more thorough! My ten year old daughter has been using it for a year now - and so far so good- her skin is still looking baby-soft and clear. Its been a great set of easy to use products that hopefully will start her lifelong skincare journey.
Bonita Turner, Editor of JUNIOR
Love the earth friendly part together with something designed and created for t(w)eens. There is still a big gap there. Lovely packaging design as well!
Bonnie and Pepper Van Geel of @pepper.pics
A wholly trustworthy brand you can give over to your tweens/teens so they can take ownership of their own routines.
Charlotte Jolly, Beauty Director, Hello! and Hello! Fashion
Such a clever, intuitive range, devised by someone who has really studied tween and teen skin needs. Love the new additions to the range – the Arnica and sunscreen will be added into my kids’ school kits.
Eleonore Crompton, Deputy Editor of JUNIOR
I always used paraben free, sulphite free and natural products on my kids when they were small. Now I have two teenagers who steal all my nice natural skin care or hit the high street and buy harsh chemicals to whack on their skin. I’ve been looking for something like this that will appeal to them.
Emma Donnelly, photographer and art director, @takeapicturelady
I LOVE the packaging! It looks very funky and my tween would definitely pick this up in a shop. I was curious about the gendered boxes but after the skin differences (between tween/teen boys and girls) was explained, this made sense. Lovely products!
Zoe Goto, author and journalist, @zoeygoto

WHERE: Spots & Stripes and Amazon